Double your Data: Fixed Broadband

Need extra data for your Fixed Broadband plan this month? If you're on one of our flexible Fixed Plans, you can double your monthly data in My Account. Check your Critical Information Summary (CIS) to see if your plan is eligible. Details on How-to's and FAQs are below.

How & when can I add Extra Data?

Once you've reached 85% of your normal data allowance the option to add extra data will appear in Member Services. The only time you can't add extra data is if you're in the last 2 days of your billing month.

You can use either My Account or Member Services to add extra data. 

My Account

To add extra data log into My Account.  The extra data option only becomes available once you've reached or exceeded 85% of your regular data allowance.

Note: After you submit your request. It shouldn't take any longer than 15 minutes for your extra data to kick in

Member Services

  1. Log in to Member Services (using your primary OptusNet username)

  2. Click on My Internet Account

  3. Click on My Usage

  4. In the usage screen, if you've reached or exceeded 85% of your normal monthly allowance you'll see the Get Extra Data button.

  5. Hit the button then follow the prompts to submit your request. It shouldn't take any longer than 15 minutes for your extra data to kick in

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How much Extra Data do I get & what is the cost?

You get double your chosen plan's normal monthly data allowance. So, if you're on the 200GB plan for example, each request for extra data gives you another 200GB for use until the end of that billing month. On the 30GB plan? Then you'd get another 30GB and so on.

What does extra data cost?

The best news is your first 2 requests, within each calendar year, are included at no extra charge!

Beyond that, it's $20 for each additional request within the same calendar year. If you find that you're doubling your data quite a bit, you might want to look into changing your plan

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When will the Extra Data be available for use?

It's pretty quick and shouldn't take any longer than about 15 minutes. If you've already been slowed down (throttled) and it takes longer than this. Restart your modem / router, then restart your computer / tablet and you should be right to go.

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A. Yes! You can add extra data as many times as you like. However we'd recommend changing your plan if you're doing this a lot.

A. We simply reset everything and you'll get your first 2 extra data requests for the next calendar included. In other words, the unused months don't rollover.

A. We won't charge you any more, we'll just limit ('throttle') your broadband speed to a maximum speed of 256 Kbps until your next billing month. You also have the option to request extra data again unless you're within the last 2 days of your billing month.

A. Much like your plan's normal monthly allowance, any unused data does not roll over. So make sure you take advantage of all of that extra data before the end of your billing month.

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