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This product is only available to existing, registered Optus Pay users.

Optus Pay is a contactless method to pay for transactions under $100. Rather than reaching for your card, you can simply ‘wave’ your handset or payment accessory at contactless payment terminals where Visa payWave is offered. 

The Optus Pay app links to your bank account, so you can load funds up to a maximum of $500. You can then use these funds to make contactless payments of up to $100, wherever you see the Visa payWave sign. Like all cards, acceptance is ultimately at the merchants' discretion.

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Managing Optus Pay app issues

If you're an existing, registered Optus Pay user and you're having trouble, give this a go...

  • Turn your phone off and then back on. Once your phone is on, open the app again
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the app
  • Ensure your SIM has been activated on the Optus network for a minimum of 24 hours

If you're still having trouble, email us at optuspay@optus.com.au and we'll see what we can do to get things going.

Add an Optus Pay Sticker, Payband or Paytag to your Optus Pay facility

If you're an existing Optus Pay customer and you've got an Optus Pay Payment Accessory that you want to add to the app, click on 'Payment Settings' and then follow the prompts. If you're still experiencing an issue, email optuspay@optus.com.au.

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Loading funds with Optus Pay

You can load up to $500 at any one time. Plus, there are daily, monthly and annual limits: 

  • The maximum funds you can load in one day is $1000, which relies on you first spending the initial $500 before the second $500 is loaded
  • The maximum funds you can load in a month is $3000
  • The maximum funds in a year is $36,000

You can load funds in two ways:

Using Online Banking

You can load funds by using the 'Pay Anyone' feature through your existing bank. Just transfer your funds using the BSB and account number provided when you register in the app. If you've forgotten your details, they can be located within the load tab in the app.

Typically, your funds will be ready to use within 1-2 business days (depending on your bank).

Using the Optus Pay app

You have two options:

  • Auto Load - Set up an Automated top-up when you reach a pre-set balance
  • Manual Load - Request a Once Off transfer from your existing bank account to your Optus Pay facility

Typically, your funds will be ready to use within 3-5 business days (depending on your bank).

Tip: As it takes a few days for the funds to arrive when using Auto Load, you can set an amount that's 3 or 4 times your daily spend so you don't get caught without funds.

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Using Optus Pay

This depends on the type of handset or payment accessory you have. You need to be an existing, registered Optus Pay user with either an NFC enabled Android handset or an Optus issued payment accessory to use Optus Pay.  

I'm using an NFC enabled Android handset

There are a couple of ways to pay using Optus Pay:

With the app open (ON)

This means that the app must be opened before you can 'wave' your handset in front of the Visa payWave machine.

With the app closed (OFF)

Turning the option to 'OFF' will allow contactless payments at any time, even if your phone is off or out of battery!

You can change this option in the app via Settings > Payment Settings > Contactless > tap 'ON' or 'OFF'

I'm using an Optus issued Payment Accessory

You can pay using your Optus issued NFC enabled payment accessory - a Sticker, Payband, Paytag or SmartCup. To pay, simply 'wave' the accessory near the Visa payWave machine. 

You can have up to 4 Payment Accessories per facility, if you are an existing registered Optus Pay user as at 21/06/18.

Once you receive your Optus issued payment accessory you'll need to add it to the Optus Pay app by either using the QR code scanner built into the app or by manually entering the serial number of the payment accessory. There are instructions in the app to help you add and manage payment accessories.

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Updating / resetting your Optus Pay passcode 

You don't need a passcode to open the Optus Pay app, but some app functions such as changing your contact details and creating a direct debit do need a passcode that is set by you.

I've forgotten the passcode

Simply call us and we’ll get you a new one.

Call us on (07) 4694 9081

I want to change my passcode

  1. Tap on Settings and then Passcode Settings

  2. Select Change Passcode

  3. Enter your current passcode

  4. You'll be prompted to select a new passcode

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Lost or Stolen Handsets / Payment Accessories

Lost / Stolen Payment Accessor

If your payment accessory has been lost or stolen you'll need to lock your payment accessory to prevent it from being used. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Optus Pay app

  2. Select Payment Settings

  3. Change Lock Payment Accessory to ON to prevent it from being used

Lost / Stolen Handset

If you’ve lost your phone, call us to report your device as lost or stolen so we can suspend your Optus Pay facility. You'll also need to follow these steps to avoid unauthorised use of your service.

Call us on (07) 4694 9081

It's important to promptly report your phone as lost / stolen as you may be liable for transactions made using the Optus Pay facility prior to it being suspended by us.

How do I order a replacement Optus Pay SIM or Payment Accessory?

You can order a replacement SIM, Sticker, Payband or Paytag directly in the Optus Pay app. We won’t charge you a fee for replacement.

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Important Links / Terms & Conditions

Important Links

Terms & Conditions

Optus Pay is issued by Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 087 652 024 AFSL 240984 (Issuer).

Any advice contained in this document is provided by Optus Mobile Pty Limited ABN 65 054 365 696 as authorised representative of the Issuer. This information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs and so you should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your circumstances. You should also obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the Optus Pay facility available in the Essential Info section of this site before making any decision in relation to the facility.

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There is no upfront charge for getting an Optus Pay SIM, payment accessory or downloading the app (other than download fees).

There are no additional standard monthly, transaction or load fees other than:

  • A foreign currency conversion fee of 3% of the foreign transaction amount
  • An Inactive Card Fee, if you stop using Optus Pay and don't close it
  • After 12 continuous months of not using Optus Pay, you'll incur a $1.95 per month fee until your balance is reduced to zero, and then your Optus Pay facility will be closed
  • A Disputed Transaction Fee, if you dispute a transaction which turns out to be valid. This fee is $10, which goes towards the costs of investigating the transaction
  • Data usage costs for use of Optus Pay as charged under your mobile service plan. If roaming overseas, data usage may be charged at a higher rate

No, you can link Optus Pay to your existing Australian bank account.

Yes, if you are on an Optus mobile plan (Postpaid or Prepaid), your Optus Pay SIM lets you do all the normal stuff like make voice calls, text, send MMS and use data.

If you are an existing registered Optus Pay user, you can order a replacement Optus Pay SIM through the Settings tab in the app.

You don’t need a PIN to open the app, which means the Optus Pay app can't be used for contactless transactions of $100 and over or for transactions that normally require a PIN. However, some app functions such as changing your contact details and creating a direct debit do need a passcode that is set by you.

A mobile service can only have one Optus Pay facility linked to it.

The Optus Pay facility is issued by Heritage Bank Limited. The Optus Pay Team includes a support team at Heritage Bank who can help if for example, you need a passcode issued or you want to close your facility. They also assist with managing any disputed transactions.

We recommend you first check that your new phone is compatible with Optus Pay in the Optus Pay - Device Ready List [PDF]. If your new phone is not on the list, Optus Pay may not be available on your new phone.

If your Optus Pay facility is inactive for 12 consecutive months and you have funds loaded, you will be charged an inactive fee of $1.95 per month. Unless you start to use your Optus Pay facility again, you will continue to be charged the inactive fee until the remaining funds are reduced to zero, when your Optus Pay facility will be closed.

You can turn off the payment function and auto loads at any time, but you can't suspend the Optus Pay facility unless your phone is lost or stolen. If you want to close your Optus Pay facility, just call the Optus Pay team on (07) 4694 9081 and they will help you out and return the available balance.

Give us a call on this contact number and we'll cancel this for you. Any funds that are left over will be transferred back to your bank account, so have these details handy before calling.

Call us on (07) 4694 9081

Payments / Loading Money

To check your balance, just open the app and your balance will appear on the screen.

You can make online payments or payments over the phone using the app's Visa Prepaid Debit Card details.

Optus Pay should work on most Australian contactless terminals that accept Visa payWave. Just hold your phone or payment accessory over the payment terminal for around 3 seconds. The phone or payment accessory should be held within 4 centimetres of the contactless terminal to complete the payment.

No. If you want to make contactless payments without opening the app, make sure the accessory setting is set to OFF in My Accessories. This way, Optus Pay will behave like a traditional card and always be available to make contactless payments whether the app is open or not, or generally even if you run out of battery.

No, Optus Pay doesn't allow for cash withdrawals at ATMs or at merchant EFTPOS facilities.

It can take 1 to 2 business days for the link deposit, "OptusPay LINK" to arrive in your bank account. If it doesn't arrive, check that you entered your bank BSB and account number correctly. You'll have to start the process again if these details are incorrect. You can only link to Australian banks and most other Australian non-bank financial institutions. It will not work with foreign banks and accounts that don't allow direct debit payments.

You can access your transaction history electronically via the Optus Pay app. Your transaction history will be available via the app until the facility is closed.

Sorry, you can't as there's no print feature within the app. But you could take a screenshot and email it to yourself and print it. As the Optus Pay facility is designed for electronic use, you have agreed that notices, transaction information and communications related to the facility will be available electronically.

If you want to dispute a transaction, simply fill out the transaction dispute form and email a signed, scanned copy to optuspay@heritage.com.au within 45 days of the date the disputed transaction was made. This form can be requested from within the app, in Dispute Transaction under Settings. The transaction dispute form will be emailed to you, so make sure your email address listed in the app is correct. If it turns out you made the disputed transaction, you will be charged a $10 processing fee, just to cover our expenses.

Payment Accessories

It depends. For example, some phone covers or cases depending on the material and thickness of the material they are made from, may interfere with the proper functioning of the NFC SIM or sticker and so the cover or case may need to be removed in order for the SIM or sticker to work.

The Paytag can be slipped onto any fitness tracker or watch that has a buckle such as a Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch and G-Shock. If you are an existing registered Optus Pay user, you can order the Paytag free of charge via the Optus Pay app. Go to Settings > My Accessories > Order New Accessory

If you are an existing registered Optus Pay user, you can order a replacement Optus Pay Payment Accessory through the Settings tab in the app.

No. Once a payment accessory is added to your Optus Pay facility it is not transferable.

Frank Green Special Edition SmartCup FAQs

If you are an existing registered Optus Pay user as at 21/06/2018 you can use The Frank Green Special Edition Smart cup to make contactless payments at most merchants who accept Visa payWave.

You can use the Optus Pay app to turn the Special Edition SmartCup’s Visa payWave functionality off and on.

Within the Optus Pay app you can turn Visa payWave on and off for the frank green SmartCup.

The Special Edition SmartCup is accepted at most merchants who accept Visa payWave, but is ultimately subject to the end merchant’s discretion.

The Special Edition SmartCup with its Visa payWave capabilities is a payment accessory for the Optus Pay app.

The Optus Pay app manages the Special Edition SmartCup. If you go to the Optus Pay app you can temporarily lock the Visa payWave functionality of the Special Edition SmartCup or remove it permanently if you lose your Special Edition SmartCup.

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