Call Barring Options & Requests: Fixed Phone

Call barring prevents certain types of outgoing calls being made from your Fixed Line Phone. It may be requested by a customer or in some cases, activated by Optus.

If you've just paid an overdue bill, click here to get your service restored as quickly as possible.

Optus or Financial barring

If you find that your Fixed Line Phone has been barred by Optus, it may be due to:

  • An overdue bill or other related financial matter
  • Suspected service misuse
  • Important information we need to discuss with you.

If we've restricted your service and you're unsure why, please chat with us as soon as possible.

What type of call barring options are available?

Account holders may request to bar/ unbar the following 4 outgoing call types, depending on the type of service, either in combination or individually on the Optus Network.

  • Information Calls (Includes: 190X number calls)
  • International Calls (Includes: International directory assistance)
  • Mobile Calls
  • National & Community Calls

If you have call barring in place, you will still be able to receive all call types.

Please note: Emergency Service & Local calls cannot be barred by request. Unbarring of some call types may be subject to additional conditions.

Is there a cost?

There is no fee for 'customer requested' barring/ unbarring.

How long does barring/ unbarring take?

In most cases:

  • 'Customer Requested' barring can be added/removed within 24 hours of the requested date.
  • 'Financial Barring' will be automatically removed after reporting a payment, click here for more information.

How do I request call barring/ unbarring?

  • If you have just paid an overdue bill and need your service(s) unbarred, click here for information.
  • If you would like to request barring, please chat with us.

How do I know if call barring is active?

You will have a dial tone, however when ringing a barred call type you will hear a recorded announcement  advising "Calls to the number dialled, are not authorised on your service."