International Calling Value Packs

(Prior to 1 February 2015)

International calling value packs

Please note these International Calling Value Packs are no longer available for purchase.

If you’re a postpaid mobile customer on eligible plans, you can now buy International Minute Packs to use on overseas calls to selected destinations from a mobile while in Australia. Find out more

Did you know? My Plan Plus now includes unlimited standard international SMS and MMS to selected countries, and a number of international minutes for standard international calls are also included in selected plans. Connect between 1 February 2015 and 31 May 2015 on an eligible plan. Find out more

International calling value packs inclusions:

$10 per month Up to 100 minutes*
$20 per month Up to 250 minutes*
$30 per month Up to 400 minutes*

^Calls are charged in the same increments of your plan for standard national calls: per second, per 30 second or per minute. (My Plan Plus bills per minute. My Plan bills per second).
*Standard call rate of 29c per minute.

Countries included in the international calling value packs:

Austria Croatia
Bangladesh Germany
Cambodia Greece
Canada Hungary
Chile Iran
China Ireland
France Italy
Hong Kong Japan
India Netherlands
Indonesia Poland
Malaysia South Africa
New Zealand Taiwan
Pakistan Turkey
South Korea  
United Kingdom  

How does it work?

  • The packs are monthly recurring packs with no tie ins. You can cancel at any time. Note: if you cancel this pack, you can't purchase one later.
  • Once the included value of the pack has been used up all excess usage for eligible calls will be charged at a rate of just 29c per minute (plus 35c flagfall)!
  • Any calls you make to countries which are not included in the packs will be charged according to the standard International 'yes' Call Rates.

To cancel a value pack:

Visit My Account

Go to "Options & Extras" tab (in landscape mode on mobiles)


Optus International Calling Value Pack: The Optus International Calling Packs (ICVPs) are monthly recurring packs that provide an included amount of minutes to be used on standard international calls to mobiles and/or fixed lines in selected destinations only. Included usage does not rollover. The included international calling minutes are based on a standard rate of $0.29 per minute and billed in increments of per second, 30 seconds or per minute, based on the charging increment of your rate plan. Excess usage for all eligible calls will be charged at $0.29 per minute, plus 35c flagfall. International calling usage for calls made to destinations which are not included under the ICVPs will be charged at standard International 'yes' call rates. ICVPs can be cancelled at any time. The monthly access fee and the included usage values are pro-rated with respect to your billing period. You will incur the minimum monthly access charge even if you don't use the maximum included value. If you cancel this offer before the end of your billing period, any unused portion of the monthly subscription fee will be credited to your account. There is a limit of one change of ICVP plan per month. Offer not available to purchase after 1 February 2015. For full details, see