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Prepaid 'yes' International OneRate

Prepaid 'yes' International OneRate makes it simple to call your loved ones abroad. There are only two rates you need to remember when calling overseas. One for New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, UK, and Singapore, and one for the rest of the world.

Destination Rate per minute
New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, UK and Singapore $0.99^
Rest of the world $1.79^

^Calls are billed per minute and a flagfall of 39c applies per call.

Terms and Conditions

Yes International Prepaid OneRate: Participating networks only. Calls to Satellite destinations (MobileSat, Immarsat, Iridium and Thuraya) are excluded from this offer. Airtime surcharges apply to calls from these satellites. Prepaid 'yes' International OneRate is a special promotion that may expire or be withdrawn at any time. Offer expiry here. Optus reserve the right to withhold the special promotion from any customer using 'yes' International Prepaid OneRate in a manner deemed unreasonable or excessive by Optus. Optus Fair Go™ Policy applies. You must have valid call credits to make Prepaid 'yes' International calls. Prices are subject to change with reasonable notice. Optus Fair Go™ Policy considers excessive usage to be usage of more than 300 minutes per month per mobile (SIM card).

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