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International Roaming Rates on a Plan

Simply enter a destination to find the roaming rates for your Optus mobile or mobile broadband on a plan.

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Learn more about using your mobile phone and mobile broadband while overseas.

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All rates listed in $AUD. Voice & Video Call rates are shown per minute and charged in 60 second increments. GST does not apply to roaming charges (except MMS).

Standard National and International Talk and Text, excludes Premium numbers and calls to and from satellite phones and marine.

International Roaming On a Plan - Terms and Conditions

Rates and destinations may change fairly frequently due to international exchange rates and what we are charged by overseas providers. We'll try to keep you informed of current rates (listed in $AUD) and zones on our website. The destinations where international roaming is available may vary from time to time. Optus makes no guarantee regarding the quality and availability of coverage or any roaming services. Voice & Video Call rates shown are charged in per minute increments. If your account number starts with 1, 2, 8 or 9 roaming data is charged in 10KB increments. MMS (excluding data) is charged as per your plan. Calls to premium numbers and operated assisted calls may not be available from overseas networks and may incur additional charges. GST does not apply to roaming charges (except MMS). Before you travel always check this page for the most up to date destinations, zones and rates.

Optus Travel Packs and roaming inclusions in plan can be used in any Zone 1 destination. Zone 1 destinations may change from time to time and you should check the current list of Zone 1 destinations prior to purchasing an Optus Travel Pack or using your roaming inclusions.

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