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Optus Travel™ Hints & Tips

So, what is Optus Travel™?

International Roaming with Optus Travel™ lets you make and receive mobile phone calls, text and MMS, and connect to the internet while you're travelling overseas.

Before you go overseas

  • Make sure roaming is turned on before you leave Australia
  • Back up your contacts, photos and other important stuff
  • Make sure you buy a travel power adapter so you can charge your battery!
  • Don't forget to download the My Optus app

How do I activate roaming?
International roaming is turned on for all new Optus mobile phones. So, there's no set up!

If you've got an older phone or you just want to turn roaming on or off, that's no problem. You can do it using any of these easy ways:

  • Call 1509 from your Optus mobile within Australia and follow the prompts
  • On your mobile via the My Optus app
  • Online via My Account, (just click the settings tab for the service you want to turn on or off)
  • Call from overseas +61 2 8082 5678, free from your Optus mobile

How much does roaming cost?
You can estimate your mobile roaming spend by checking our easy-to-use roaming rate finder.

Check out roaming rates for Monthly plans.

Check out Prepaid roaming rates.

What about phone insurance?
If you've already taken out smart phone insurance with Optus when you bought your phone, it's covered for things like theft and damage while you're travelling overseas.

Have a look at our phone insurance page for all the nitty gritty.

Put a password lock on your phone's keypad
Setting up a password lock on your phone can prevent accidental usage while you're travelling – plus, it'll prevent kids or others using heaps of data or making calls if they get their hands on your phone. Check out our online phone manuals to find out how.

While You're Overseas

Can I activate Roaming after I've left Australia?
Yes, you sure can (though it's easier if you turn roaming on before you leave Australia.)

  • If you already have My Account set up, log in and click the settings tab for the service you on which you want to activate roaming.
  • If you're overseas and are not registered for My Account, please call care on +61 2 8082 5678 (free call from your Optus mobile while overseas)
  • If you have downloaded the My Optus app, you can activate roaming via the Call Setup menu while overseas.

How do I access the internet while roaming?
Visit our Mobile Broadband page for more info.

Can I get more text, talk and data with an Optus Travel™ Pack? 
Yes. Pre-purchase an Optus Travel™ Pack for $10 per day to get unlimited talk and SMS plus 100MB of data to use in Zone 1 countries. Need even more? No sweat. You can buy multiple days and accumulate the total data allowance. For example, buy 5 days and use your 500MB any time over the 5-day period.

To Purchase:

  • Online via My Account. (Just click the options and extras tab.)
  • On your mobile via the My Optus app. (Just select International Roaming from the menu.)

within Australia
Call 1300 300 937 or your business account manager.

from overseas
Call +61 2 8082 5678 (free from an Optus mobile).

If you have any more burning questions, head over to our help & support.

Can I check my estimated roaming usage?
If you've recently been travelling overseas, you can get an estimate of how much you'll be charged for roaming.

Simply log in to My Account on the full website, select the service you've been using overseas and click on the 'Service Summary' tab.

As a heads up, there may be delays in receiving usage information and usage alerts. Check your next bill for a complete list of roaming usage & charges.

Are there usage alerts for International Roaming?
Yes, if you are on a Monthly plan we send SMS alerts for every estimated $100 spent on roaming usage.

You can also track your usage by checking in My Account.

Tips for data use
Some apps might operate in the background and use heaps of data. Check your phone settings and consider changing the settings of some backup programs while you're away. You can find out more about how to do this for your phone by visiting our online phone manuals.

Can I access my VoiceMail while overseas?
Yes, to get your VoiceMail messages, dial +61 411 000 321 and follow the prompts.

What if I need help overseas?
You get 24/7 access to our technical support people. To contact us for help while you're overseas, simply dial +61 2 8082 5678 (free call from an Optus Mobile).

Log on using a tablet, computer or using an internet café to for further help and support

Or you can get hold of us on Facebook or Twitter.

Learn more about international roaming.