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Optus gives you various ways to use your mobile or personal organiser (PDA) to access emails anytime. Optus Email Messaging means you'll always be in touch and have your emails at hand when you're not in the office or near a computer.

BlackBerry The all-in-one communication tool.
With BlackBerry, you have the all-in-one advantages of a mobile phone, an email device, a personal organiser and more.
MobileMail Bringing email to your mobile.
With MobileMail, you can access your personal emails from your nominated POP3 email account. You can also receive an SMS or MMS to notify you of any new emails.
MobileMail for Business Inbox on the go!
You can use your mobile PDA or smartphone to access your work emails and calendar while away from your computer. Optus MobileMail for Business provides you with secure, real-time, mobile access to business applications.

Note: MobileMail services are only available on selected Optus GSM mobile plans and PDA devices.

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