Tablets For Business


Tablets For Business

The age of the corporate Tablet has arrived. Initially the play thing of early adopters, business people are increasingly using the devices for work purposes such as delivering graphically-rich presentations to clients, working away from the office, sales support, internet access, checking email, and as a portable laptop replacement. Smaller than a standard laptop, but with more screen real estate than a mobile, a Tablet or sometimes referred to as ‘tab’ for short offers the best of both worlds.

Rapid Take Up Amongst Business Users
According to a November 2010 survey by ChangeWave1, seven per cent of corporate respondents said they are using a Tablet, Tab or iPad for business use. In addition, a further 14 per cent of businesses said they intended to buy a device in the first quarter of 2011. Meanwhile, a recent Zogby International poll2 found that employees within more than half of the Fortune 500 companies bought an industry-leading Tablet device within months of its release.

So what makes Tablets so appealing?
In comparison to a laptop or netbook, Tablets & Tabs weigh much less, are more portable, and typically have greater connectivity than laptops for accessing online content. Their instant-on capability and lack of lag time when switching from application to application are also key features for the time poor business person

The Optus Range Tablets, Tabs and iPads

Optus’ range is guaranteed to appeal to even the most tech-savvy business users. They boast functionality typically seen in a PC, plus powerful web browsing, an extensive portfolio of widgets and applications, and integration with other USB devices.

Widgets And Apps

Regardless of the operating system your new Tablet uses, such as the hugely popular Android Honeycomb. It will come pre-loaded with a standard set of applications optimised for use on the Tablets larger screen. In addition, app stores typically offer a variety of both free and paid applications and widgets targeting the business user.


Tablets or Tabs can be used to play a wide range of multimedia applications – whether catching up on interesting presentations or social meetings. It can also double as a TV and home cinema system when you catch a spare moment in your busy schedule. Want somewhere to store your music for your long business trips? A Tablet is great for this purpose as well.

The Optus Open NetworkTM

Small, portable and lightweight, a Tablet offers the business user more mobile broadband possibilities on the go. The Optus Open Network includes over 570 sites since January 2010. We now provide 3G mobile broadband solutions to up to 97 per cent of the Australian population#. Mobile broadband is now available through Optus under both prepaid and contract plans.

Tablet plans

Optus Tablet plans are a great way of combining your Tablet with the right mobile broadband plan. Our mobile broadband plans help you get the most out of your device, by providing excellent coverage and un-metered access to social networking sites within Australia like Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. View our Tablet plans page and choose from our great range of tabs and plans available.

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 # 3G Dual Band: Optus 3G dual band is part of The Optus Open Network™ and refers to our UMTS2100MHz/900MHz coverage. With 3G dual band devices coverage is available throughout The Optus Open Network in 3G dual band areas, subject to network availability. Not available for sale in NT and TAS (except Hobart). See for details.