Roaming On Optus Prepaid

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Optus Travel™ makes it easy and affordable to stay in touch when you travel overseas with your Prepaid mobile.

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How Prepaid Roaming Works

When you travel overseas your usage is charged at roaming rates. These vary from country to country. To enjoy the convenience of your Optus Prepaid service and have peace of mind, follow these steps.

Step 1

Check roaming is turned on and download the My Optus app.

Step 2

Check the roaming rates for your destination.

Step 3

Stay on top of your usage while roaming using the My Optus app or My Account.

Step 4

Happy travels!

Prepaid Roaming Options

My Prepaid Ultimate, My Prepaid Ultra and My Prepaid Ultra Plus
If you’re on My Prepaid Ultimate or My Prepaid Ultra or My Prepaid Ultra Plus, you can recharge with a $20 Travel Credit Add On. You can also use any Extras Credit included with recharges of $30 or more, or you can buy an Extras Credit Add On for $10.

My Prepaid Daily plans
On the My Prepaid Daily plans just recharge from $10 and use your normal credit while you roam. Recharges from $30 on My Prepaid Daily have a six-month expiry.

Other Prepaid plans
If you're on one of our other Prepaid mobile plans such as My Prepaid Long Expiry, international roaming rates are charged out of your Credit/MyCredit balance only. Any bonus balances you have cannot be used for international roaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for Roaming on Prepaid. For more answers visit our Roaming Help & Support section.

International roaming is turned on for all Optus Prepaid mobile phones so there's no set up! However, if roaming isn't turned on for your phone, it's best to do so before you leave Australia. To turn roaming on or off, here's how:

  • On your mobile via the My Optus app
  • Online via My Account, (just click the "settings" tab for the service you want to turn on or off)
  • From overseas free call +61 2 8082 5678 from any other roaming activated Optus mobile

The global roaming rates are the same for all Prepaid plans, whether it's My Prepaid Ultimate, My Prepaid Ultra Plus, My Prepaid Daily Plus, My Prepaid Long Expiry or any other Prepaid plan.

Recharging for international roaming is a breeze. Here are some recharge options.

  • Use PayPal, or a credit or debit card to recharge online at^
  • Recharge via the My Optus app^
  • Dial 555 from your mobile to redeem a recharge voucher or you can pay by credit/debit card.
  • Buy a recharge voucher (or two!) before you leave home from any Optus store or at one of 20,000 retailers around Australia. Redeem them over the phone or online while you are overseas.

^ Data charges will apply if accessing from your phone when roaming.

You can check your balance at any time by:

  • Using the My Optus app^ on your smartphone
  • Logging in to your Optus My Account^
  • Free SMS 'BAL' to 9999
  • Free call 555 from your Optus mobile

^ Data charges will apply if accessing from your phone when roaming.

Yes. To retrieve your Voicemail messages dial +61 411 000 321 and follow the prompts.

If you have any incoming call diverts to Voicemail you will be charged the normal call rate to receive the call and again to send the caller back to your Voicemail box in Australia. It's $1 per minute if you are in Zone 1 or $2 per minute if you are in Zone 2.

Conditional call diversion to Voicemail (or another forwarded number), on busy or no reply, is not supported in all our roaming destinations.

Here are some tips to help you keep the costs down.

  • Turn off Voicemail via the My Optus app before you leave Australia.
  • If you'd like to keep your Voicemail but not divert calls to it whilst you are overseas, dial ##002#, before you leave home, and then dial **004*0411000321# when you return to start diverting calls to Voicemail again.
  • If you want to avoid receiving any incoming calls you can set an "unconditional" diversion (divert all incoming calls), to Voicemail so that your phone does not receive any calls while travelling overseas. To set up an unconditional diversion dial **21*0411000321#, before you leave Australia. To cancel this when you return, dial ##002#. To set back to Voicemail dial **004*0411000321#. (These commands will not work when you are roaming overseas).

Fair Go Policy applies.

Extras Credit Add On: For use on standard international calls and SMS from within Australia, and on international roaming. If you recharge with the same Add On before it expires, the inclusions in the Add On will roll over (e.g. if you recharge with a $10 Extras Credit Add On before an earlier $10 Extras Credit Add On expires, those Add On inclusions will roll over).

Travel Credit Add On: For use on standard voice calls, SMS and data whilst roaming overseas. Travel Credit cannot be used for MMS. Travel Credit will be charged at standard rates which can be found at Rates may change fairly frequently due to international exchange rates and what we are charged by overseas providers. Optus makes no guarantee regarding the quality and availability of coverage or any roaming services. Travel Credit is only available on selected monthly Prepaid plans.

Add Ons General: Used before the inclusions of the same usage type from your plan recharge.

Optus Travel™: Roaming data is charged in 10KB increments; minimum credit balance of 250KB is required to start a data session. MMS will be charged as per your plan. Standard National and International Calls and Texts, excludes premium numbers, and calls to and from satellite phones. All rates listed in $AUD. Voice rates are shown per minute and charged in 60 second increments. GST does not apply to roaming charges.

My Optus App: Available on most Android mobile phones using Android 2.3.3 or later. Is currently not available on devices using the Windows operating system. Data Usage: The app is free to download and use for Optus mobile customers. Download and use of app requires data usage. If you're roaming, all data used will be charged at the applicable roaming rate.

My Account: Data roaming charges will apply if accessing from your phone when roaming.