Why Optus nbn?

The nbn is the telecommunications network currently being rolled out across Australia preparing your home or business for the future.

Over 1 million Aussies choose Optus as their internet service provider. We’re here to help you make the switch from your existing broadband connection to a suitable nbn plan as soon as possible. Lightning fast nbn is here with 40mbps typical busy period speed across our new nbn plans.*

40Mbps typical busy period speed is subject to line speed capability. Available in selected homes. Fair Go policy applies.
Min. total cost for first month is $270, incl. $200 start-up fee. Min. total cost over 24 months is $1779, incl. $99 start-up fee.



With 40Mbps typical busy period speed.*
This plan is ideal for your every day: catching up on social media, shopping online, streaming video and playing games.

*Subject to line speed capability.
Min. total cost for first month is $290, incl. $200 start-up fee. Min. total cost over 24 months is $2259, incl. $99 start-up fee.


Optus Sport + Fetch

With 40Mbps typical busy period speed.*
If you love the latest entertainment and want to stay on top of the latest TV and movies, this may be the plan for you. Get Fetch, plus a choice of Premium Channel Pack options.
*Subject to line speed capability.

What do our nbn plans have to offer?


Speed Packs

We all use technology differently. Some people are looking for internet so they can play games, stream videos and watch TV; others just want basic web browsing to check email and visit websites. With Optus nbn speed packs you can pick what's right for your usage and budget.


Unlimited Data

Tired of data limits? They’re a worry of the past with an Optus nbn plan. Browse, download, stream, watch or listen to your heart’s content with unlimited data.


Month to Month

Freedom and flexibility is yours with the option of no lock-in contracts. If you’re planning to move around a lot or can’t commit to a long-term contract, then a month to month nbn plan is the solution you need.


Wifi Modem

Optus customers get a premium, high-performance modem included in the set-up fee on the month to month broadband plan or included for no additional charge with the 24 mth broadband plan. The modem is easy to set up, nbn ready and delivers the convenience of wireless broadband within your home.



Binge watch your favourite TV and movies on eligible Optus broadband plans. With a Fetch Mighty and a choice of Premium Channel Pack, you can get the shows you want to watch and enjoy them all on unlimited data.


We’re bringing you closer to all the action. Enjoy a great range of exclusive sports content from Optus. Tune in live and on-demand, for history-making games or highlights and shows. Check out what’s on offer, including all the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League action on Optus Sport.