Your NBN journey - Installation and connection

You know the drill - superfast NBN internet is being progressively rolled out across Australia, and it's pretty exciting. But we thought you might want to know what it's actually like to get all the NBN hardware installed and connected so you can have access to lightning-fast internet. So we spoke to Rob, a Sydneysider who's been online with NBN for a year, about what it was like to get NBN surging through his place.

NBN ready? Now it's your call

As soon as you've been notified that NBN is ready in your area by nbn (the Federal Government company which is rolling out NBN to homes, businesses and schools around Australia), you can give us a call to get your connection up and running.

When we asked Rob how it was when he got connected, he said "it was pretty simple. I just had to call them up, and my provider sorted the rest out." For more information on how you can get NBN connected at your place, from selecting your NBN plan to getting your NBN Starter Pack, click here.

Installing the hardware and getting online

Rob lives in a new apartment complex, so luckily for him, NBN (or more specifically, NBN Fibre to the Premise) was already installed and connected to his building. All that was left for him to do was arrange his plan and get his modem up and running with his devices.

If your place hasn't been visited by nbn yet, when you call us to sign up for your plan, we'll arrange all that for you. And if you're already an Optus customer, we'll give you a call to let you know when you can make the switch to NBN in your area. Think of us as the bridge that gets you over the technical torrent and over to the land of superfast NBN internet. You can learn more about the hardware, equipment and installation process here.

Once Rob had set up his modem and connected his devices, he was ready to make the most of his unlimited data plan. Rob told us he was relieved that he didn't have to worry about monitoring how much he downloaded, because with top download speeds, he knows it would be easy for his to exceed a limit without even realising it. His internet speed now feels worlds apart from his previous ADSL2+ connection. In Rob's words, "NBN is just leagues ahead of ADSL2+ in terms of internet speed."

Post-connection party: what you can do with NBN

Once you've got your devices supercharged with NBN, it's up to you how you want to use your lightning-fast connection!

Want to download or stream entire seasons of your favourite TV show? Rob told us that one of the things he loves about NBN is how he can access all the shows he wants to watch instantly - and all from the same console that he uses for playing games online! Downloading six seasons of The Wire in minutes instead of hours is a "dream" for Rob. All that waiting time has disappeared because "buffering is way less likely" when he's connected to NBN.

The same goes for when Rob gets the latest games to play online using NBN. He can skip the store trip, grab a seat on the couch and purchase a new game, download updates and start playing within minutes. Rob doesn't have to be patient anymore when it comes to downloading, because with NBN "you don't have to wait long for anything to load anymore - it feels like it's just there straight away."

Perhaps movies are more your thing? Rob uses a free online service that he says allows you to "run your own Netflix." When he has a break at work he can arrange his movie library and even plan a movie to watch that night. So Rob has his own personal movie theatre set up on his home computer, ready in a flash thanks to the speed of NBN. And with the same program he can upload and share images of his latest holiday with friends and family, all at the click of a button.

You can also get down to work with NBN, with the superfast download and upload speeds allowing you to share documents with colleagues and have conference calls seamlessly. Rob uses his superfast NBN speed to download programs for work, telling us he wished he'd been on NBN when he was training to be a motion graphics artist. Thanks to new technology, Rob can logon to his home PC remotely while at work and vice versa, meaning that he can stay in touch with the important things and enjoy a more flexible work-life balance. "I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for NBN."