Your education and training with NBN

Still trying to decide what should do at uni? Or which TAFE course is right for you? Or perhaps you want to do some training yourself with online courses? Well as the superfast NBN rolls out across Australia, you can be sure that whatever path you take towards tertiary education, you'll be on the fast-track!

We talked to Rob, a 28-year old motion graphics artist, about his online education with the NBN and how the superfast speeds are getting him places.

Superfast NBN internet speed gets you in the learning fast lane

Don't let slow downloading get you down before you've even started to study online. Because with the NBN, you can look forward to reliable, superfast internet without the worries of buffering or long waits interrupting your online learning.

With Rob's download speeds on the NBN he's less likely to have to worry about his internet speed slowing him down when he's in the middle of learning how to use a new program. Upskilling and getting the hang of the latest software is fast and easy with the NBN. Rob told us, "sometimes when I have tools at home that I don't have at work, I'll do the changes or actions I need to do remotely and then upload it and send the link to myself. It's all really really quick because of the NBN, no matter how big the file is."

And because the NBN is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of internet speed, Rob can get back to relaxing sooner. Netflix, online gaming, streaming movies through his TV - it's all possible at blazing NBN speed! "I went with an unlimited data plan," Rob told us, "because of the insane internet speed." He said it was only too easy to get caught up downloading tons of entertainment during his downtime, so he decided to skip the data limit worries.

Downloading lots of updates? No worries

Working in Sydney, Rob is used the hustle and bustle of the workplace, and tight deadlines. And because he's a motion graphics artist, his job often requires him to download the latest software and updates.

But with the NBN, Rob doesn't have to worry about putting his projects on hold - "If I want to download a copy of the latest version of a piece of software that I need to learn on, even the trial versions are still fairly big. NBN cuts down my time waiting around and gets me into the work a lot quicker."

Stream lectures, training videos and online courses with the NBN

Need to watch hours of uni lectures the day before your exam? Or download the readings you've been meaning to get around to? You can get it all done superfast with the NBN, so you can power through the study and savor the good times!

As well as primarily working online as a motion graphics artist, Rob's education was based on navigating programs online and training with the latest software. Rob told us, "I was self-taught and did a lot of training myself online for my job now," also saying he wished he had NBN speed driving him online when he first started!

And Rob has access to as many tutorials he wants online via YouTube - "it defaults to 1080p, you click play and it's done, it starts straight away. There's no wait, it's amazing." So when it comes to studying online, you can be sure that NBN has your back. #studybuddy

Speed: The speed you will experience depends on a number of factors including your access type, demand on the Network and local conditions such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination and your location which can interfere with reception and speed.