Create a more flexible work-from-home culture with the NBN

With an increasing number of Aussies seeking flexible work schedules, more of us will rely on the internet for our business activities. For people who either run their own small business from home or enjoy flexible work-from-home employment, basic online tasks such as emailing, invoicing and online banking are already a big part of the day. But many small business owners or satellite office workers could get loads more done at their home office with a faster internet connection.

Save time with the NBN

People working in creative fields, such as graphic designers and video editors, work with extremely large file sizes. Downloading and uploading large images and videos can take hours on a slow connection. The National Broadband Network offers vastly improved download and upload times in home offices, which will be particularly valuable for those people transferring large files over the Web.

One of the reasons people choose to work from home is that it can help them be more productive. Imagine being able to work even faster with a faster connection. Solo operators could use their extra time to seek new business. If you're working from home as part of a larger business, your boss will be begging you to never leave your house with the productivity levels you're achieving (just remind them awesomeness deserves a pay rise!).

Sharing your Wi-Fi is caring

If you work from home, you might be sharing your internet with others. If your family or housemates engage in data-hungry activities like downloading movies or gaming, then the connection for your business will become slower. The NBN allows you and those who share your Wi-Fi connection to use the internet easily. What a great reason to find out what the NBN rollout schedule is, and when it's coming to you!

NBN goes the distance

Did you know that with Australia's current copper network the quality of your internet connection and its speed depends on how close you are to a telephone exchange? If that exchange is kilometres away (which in many cases, it is) you could experience a slower internet connection. Unless you were super savvy about buying a home closest to an exchange, you might be losing out when it comes to running your business from home.

Luckily, the NBN's fibre cabling isn't affected by your home's distance from the exchange. The NBN offers great improvements in the average internet speeds you get when working from home.

Bad weather? Bring it on!

But what if your business doesn't need incredibly fast internet speeds? Well, the NBN will be much more reliable than current internet services, which can be affected by high heat and other weather conditions. Has your area ever been disconnected due to bad weather? The NBN will help ensure you stay online without disruption. Between saving you time and giving you more peace of mind, what's not to love about the NBN?

Do you work from home?

Check out what every business needs to know about the NBN and find out when the NBN rollout reaches your area.