Work from home with NBN

NBN is set to make some big changes in businesses across Australia. One of these changes is helping to create a more flexible work-life balance, so you can get your work done when it fits into your lifestyle - not the other way around.

We talked to Rob, a motion graphics artist from Sydney, about how NBN is helping to change the way he works.

Access superfast internet speed from work

Want to plan your downtime while you have a break at work? This is made possible with the latest technology supercharged by superfast NBN internet. Rob told us, "I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for the NBN."

Compared to his previous ADSL2+ connection that offered speeds up to 7.5 Mbps, Rob said downloading is so much faster with NBN. Thanks to NBN, during his downtime at work Rob can access his home computer with superfast speed as if he was there. New technology enables him to remotely access his home PC, so that when he has a break at work he can be arranging a night of Netflix-binging.

"I use a free program which enables me to remotely access my home PC," Rob told us. "It's great for when I have some downtime at work because I can login to my computer at home and download the latest episode of something I'll want to see later." Now that's what we call planning ahead!

Better yet, Rob is less likely to be affected by buffering when he's using NBN because of its lightning-fast speeds. Even when he's accessing his PC remotely from work, he doesn't have to wait for anything to load anymore - "it's just there straight away." So whether Rob's downloading the latest season of The Wire or programs to use at work, he can do it all superfast with NBN internet speed. In Rob's words - "it's just a dream. There's nothing like it."

It's this kind of lightning-fast internet speed that Rob wished he had when he was studying online. "It'd get me into the work a lot quicker," he said. And that's something we all want, so we can get to the good times faster! #lessworkmoreplay

And when Rob is at home enjoying his time off from work, he can enjoy the latest online games without having to get the extra train on the way home to stop off and buy the hardcopy. With NBN it's easy to get gaming fast.

Stay in touch with family and friends thanks to NBN

Having superfast NBN means that Rob can stay in touch with his parents easily, even though they live far away. With the latest technology and his NBN connection, Rob can even help his parents with technical problems from afar - "I can actually have a remote meeting with my parents and show them how to manage the technology instead of having to drive all the way and show them in person." It's all seamless tech training and entertainment enjoyment for Rob's parents thanks to NBN.

"I recently set up a home theatre PC remotely for my parents," Rob told us, meaning that he can quickly give his parents a helping hand if they're having any technical issues. Plus, Rob can catch up with them via Skype on their TV, so it doesn't feel like he's so far away. It's just another way that NBN is helping you stay connected to the important things in life.