Will 5G Replace the nbn?

5G and the nbn can work together as part of Australia's internet future.

5G is coming. The latest in fixed wireless and mobile technology, 5G promises unrivalled speeds, easy plug and play installation and no need for a fixed line to set up the connection. 5G is the start of an exciting time for in Australia, and at Optus we’re thrilled to be bringing it to our customers.

The question on everyone’s lips though is will 5G make the nbn redundant? After years of work and billions of dollars, will the nbn be replaced right at the last second just as it’s finally getting off the ground?

For the foreseeable future at least, the answer is no.

What are the Differences Between 5G and nbn?

The easiest way to see why, at least in the near future, 5G and nbn are not direct competitors is to examine their differences and the varying advantages they offer.

5G is wireless technology that relies on deployment of new antennas on the existing mobile towers that provide your current mobile phone coverage. The nbn, on the other hand, is primarily a fixed line connection that does rely on extensive fibre and copper lines to connect your home or business to the internet. In some locations, the nbn relies on 4G-powered Fixed Wireless connections to connect Australians to the internet.

These differences come with all the same pros and cons you would expect when comparing your mobile data with your home broadband. 5G requires no physical installation and is extremely flexible, since you can simply pack up your modem or handset and take it with you if you move to a new house, for example, as long as there is 5G coverage. The nbn, however, is fixed to particular premises.

Competition Drives Growth

Both 5G and the nbn share a number of similarities that are good news no matter what internet connection type you’re hoping to use. They are both technically capable of delivering excellent speeds, they’re both great news for the Australian economy, and they’re both sure to spur each other on to deliver better services for Australians.

5G technology will assist in catering for the expected growth in mobile traffic as well as new emerging technology. The nbn has years of infrastructure already behind it while 5G technology continues to grow and evolve.

5G and nbn, Together

Both the new 5G network and the nbn deliver numerous advantages for Australians as they work together side by side. It’s an exciting time as we see these two new technologies introduced and improved in the years to come. Some Australians will have their digital lives changed by 5G, while others will benefit more from the nbn. Whichever ends up suiting you the best, there’s no doubt the future of the internet in Australia is bright.

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