Why pre-order Optus NBN?

Why pre-order Optus NBN?

Save the hassle of organising your switch to the nbn™. Beat the rush, set and forget until the NBN reaches your area. Plus there’s no last minute decision or forgetting to shift over to NBN - you’ll avoid the dash before phone and internet lines have to be changed over. Take control and do it on your terms; lock in a plan and price now.

When will the NBN arrive at my place?

Get the latest updates and check if the NBN is available at your address. You can also find out whether the NBN will be coming to your area in either three, six or twelve months by checking the NBN rollout map. With pre-order, Optus will keep you regularly updated with the latest developments on the NBN rollout to your suburb.

How do I pre-order Optus NBN?

If you’d like to pre-order NBN, register your details. Fill in the online form then we’ll contact you when the NBN is finally available at your address.

Pick a plan

Select the right broadband plan that caters for your needs. Whether you’re just after something basic to catch up on social media and shop online; or if you want to be able to watch your fave shows and movies, lock in the plan and price, so it’s ready to go. Notice we have a better plan available when you connect to the NBN? With pre-order NBN you have the flexibility to swap over if you see another Optus NBN plan that’s right for you.

Can I keep my home number if I switch?

In most cases your existing landline/home phone number can be transferred over to the NBN network. This is called porting a number and it can take up to 10 business days to complete.

Wait for your delivery from Optus

You’ll get sent an Optus NBN Starter Pack that contains a new WiFi modem, power adapter, phone cable and a few Ethernet cables. It will also contain an info card and installation guide, so you can get up and running.

Plug in your devices

Once the NBN has arrives in your area and we’ve notified that you are ready to go online, plug in your new modem and power it up. Connect all your devices to your WiFi connection and plug in your home phone to your modem to connect.

Alternatively you also have the option of booking an Optus NBN technician to professionally install your modem for an additional fee.

What happens if I chose to book a tech?

If you prefer a professional Optus NBN installation instead, they are booked based on which NBN tech is closest to your area on the proposed install day. Remember appointments are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Want to talk NBN?

Want to know more about the NBN rollout and how to get connected to NBN? Get in touch with our team:

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