Speed Test. What makes for a slower speed test?

What makes for a slow speedtest?

Optus nbn™ is delivered straight into your home, but the speed of your connection can be affected by a variety of factors.

Check out our list of five factors that may be affecting your connection.

1. WiFi

Physically connecting to your new Optus modem via an Ethernet cable is the most effective way to access your nbn™ internet connection

If you connect your devices using WiFi, obstacles such as walls or interference from other devices can slow down your nbn connection. For nbn Fixed Wireless connections, extreme weather conditions may impact your connection.

2. Overseas content

Naturally those extra travel miles take longer to get to our local servers, so home-grown content will usually be faster to download than overseas content. However, we’re working to get that content on our local servers.

3. Traffic jams

The fibre optic cables that deliver nbn to your home have been designed for bigger capacity than existing copper, meaning that your home network should be able to support multiple users.

However, network congestion caused by multiple people using your home or business connection may slow your nbn speed.

By choosing an Optus nbn Speed Packs that best suits your needs, you can ready your home network for multiple devices. Then when it comes to times when everyone is online, your home network will be better prepared.

4. Viruses and malware

Beware of viruses and malware on your devices, as they can slow your nbn speed along with other unwanted side-effects. We recommend installing internet security software on your devices to avoid any issues.

5. Pull Vs Push

An nbn Fibre connection, like Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), involves ‘pulling’ and ‘pushing’ data with nbn. We can help with your downloading (‘pull’) and uploading (‘push’) speeds, when you select Optus nbn Speed Packs that best suits your needs.

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