What kind of devices can I connect to the NBN?

Leading technology researcher Gartner estimates there will be nearly 26 billion internet-connected devices in the world by 2020. That’s one serious worldwide web. In coming years the introduction of the National Broadband Network could see the number of internet-enabled devices in Australia soar. That’s because the NBN has great capabilities to offer home phone and internet services that are faster and more reliable than they’ve ever been!

The NBN will allow us to easily host multiple devices on a home network — streaming, downloading and uploading content simultaneously without major lags. And there are even more ways you can connect all the devices you need to run a successful business using NBN. We’re only just beginning to see how the NBN can improve the ways we communicate.

Connect all your favourite devices to the NBN

Family members can enjoy superfast internet speeds while connected to their favourite device (or devices!) on their home’s NBN WiFi network.

You can connect devices such as desktop computers, laptops, iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android phones and other smartphone devices, Smart TVs, and even home security systems. Connect as many devices as you like, at the same time, without the fear of a slow connection. It’s as simple as switching on the WiFi function on any internet-enabled device and plugging in your WiFi modem’s unique user ID and password to connect. If you’re after the strongest connection possible, connect your devices with an Ethernet cable and enjoy the superfast speeds offered by the NBN (ports for these are most commonly found on desktop computers, laptops and Smart TVs).

Whichever way you connect your devices, you can go wild streaming video, downloading and uploading big files like movies, and uploading photos to social networks. You should find it a breeze for you and your family to enjoy all your favourite internet activities at the same time in any room of your house.

Business users can also enjoy a seamless experience connecting all those devices and others such as EFTPOS machines, digital signage and kiosks. Your business should see improved productivity and efficiency being able to connect so many devices. Just make sure that if you plan to use EFTPOS and fax machines, lift phones or fire indicator panels that you check with the device provider about how they work over the NBN. You might need a few extra handy details to ensure a smooth transition from your current service to the NBN.

Whether you’re a home or business user, the NBN can also offer solid fixed line phone connections to make and receive local, national and international calls. Catch up with family members abroad, or conference call your interstate business associates. The NBN offers greater opportunities to communicate better and faster than ever before.

Connecting to the NBN

Whatever the level of internet service you need for your home or business, Optus can help. Find out when NBN service will be available in your area using our handy address checker. We can also help you find the best NBN plan and NBN speed pack offered by Optus to suit your needs. If you’re already hooked up to Optus NBN, it’s time to connect your devices – superfast internet is here!