What is the process for connecting to the NBN?

So you've been notified that the National Broadband Network is coming to your area? Woohoo! You're just a few simple steps away from connecting. Follow our handy tips to cover off everything you need to do to start experiencing superfast internet and more reliable fixed-line phone services offered by the NBN.

It's smart to act quickly. By starting the NBN connection process as soon as possible, you'll have plenty of time to make it happen in time.

First things first...we'll help find out what kind of NBN connection is right for you.

Have a think about the type of internet user you are. Do you only really turn your computer on to check a few emails? Do you download or stream the occasional TV show or movie...or do you have a full house full of internet-loving downloaders? Let us know how much time you and your housemates/family/cat (gee, smart feline) plan to spend online and type of activities they enjoy.

Then, give us a call on 1300 652 080 or check out the NBN plan options offered by Optus online. Once you sign up to a plan, we'll arrange NBN Co to visit your home and install all the techy equipment you need to connect. At the same time, we’ll send you your NBN modem and handy kit to self-install your NBN.

Your NBN Co installation appointment comes next

Optus will arrange the installation of the NBN Co equipment for you when you sign up to an NBN plan offered by Optus. NBN installation is currently free of charge. It can take up to six weeks or more from the time you sign up to Optus NBN before NBN Co is able to connect you. The wait times are consistent regardless of which service provider you choose. But we'll help make sure you get the best available appointment.

Almost there...your NBN modem connection should be easy

We'll send an Optus NBN installation kit to your home when you sign up to one of the NBN plans offered by Optus. Once the NBN hardware is installed you can connect your modem yourself. If you need more help, you can arrange a technician to visit your home (note: there is a fee for this service).

Connect your favourite devices and…enjoy!

If you've followed the self-installation instructions correctly you should be able to use NBN immediately. Connect your favourite devices and home phone to enjoy faster, more reliable fixed line phone and internet services offered by the NBN!

What if you're still waiting for the NBN to arrive in your area?

No worries. Just use our handy address checker for the latest NBN installation update for your home or business, and register for NBN email alerts from Optus. We'll make your NBN connection easy from day one!