What is the nbn™ New Development charge?

What is the nbn™ New Development charge?

The nbn New Development charge was introduced on 1 April 2016, for homes and businesses that are in new developments without any existing phone or internet infrastructure.

Wondering if this affects you? Here are some important things you need to know about the New Development charge.

Why was the charge introduced?

The Australian Government introduced a new policy involving the outfit of telecommunications services in new development areas. They decided that the costs linked with building new telecommunications networks would be handed down to households and developers. Therefore, if you live in or have built a new property that needs to be connected to phone or internet services, the charge may apply to you.

Who does the New Development charge apply to?

  • If your connection has been recognised by nbn as within the boundary of a new development, you will be charged $300 inc. GST. These areas are also known as ‘Greenfields’; new housing estates where the necessary fibre needed to build the nbn network can be laid together with other important services, like telephone lines.
  • New customers signing up for Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services where there isn’t an existing nbn connection. In most cases these would be in Greenfields areas.
  • Areas that are in the process of getting the nbn are referred to as ‘Brownfields’. Customers in new buildings that don’t have a previous nbn connection in Brownfield areas may also be charged.

Note: The New Development charge only applies once to an address, so long as the number of residences at the property hasn’t increased.

Will I be notified if the New Development applies to my address?

You can monitor the nbn rollout by checking our nbn rollout map.

If the nbn is available in your area, you can sign up for an NBN Plan, visit your local 'Yes' Optus store or call us on 1300 652 080.

Our team will be able to notify you if you will be incurring the New Development charge.

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