What is the nbn Multi Technology Mix (MTM)?

nbn Multi Technology

Building the National Broadband Network (nbn™) is a big job: there’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot of homes and businesses in varied and unique locations. With a goal of connecting millions of Australians to the nbn by 2020, NBN Co have developed a strategy to get the job done.

To ensure the nbn is built to a high standard and as efficiently as possible, NBN Co are taking an approach they call the Multi Technology Mix, or MTM. nbn MTM is the way high capacity, reliable internet is delivered to your home or business.

What is nbn MTM?

The nbn Multi Technology Mix is all about taking advantage of the existing infrastructure already in place around to Australia to get the nbn to you as efficiently as possible. Current phone lines and network wiring is already in place around the country, and a lot of it can be incorporated into the nbn. The nbn rollout is already a massive job, but taking the MTM approach allows for more flexibility and connects you to the nbn faster.

What technology makes up the MTM?

The nbn relies on a number of different technology types to deliver internet around the country. The type your premises receives may depend on its location, what existing infrastructure is already in place, and at what point during the nbn rollout you were first connected. For example, premises in remote rural areas are more likely to be connected to Fixed Wireless.

There are two different types of categories that make up the nbn MTM: Fixed Line connections (where nbn fibre cables are laid or existing copper wiring is used) and wireless connections (that rely on radio or satellite signals).

The Fixed Line technologies of the MTM are:

While the wireless technologies of the nbn MTM are:

  • Fixed Wireless
  • Sky Muster™ Satellite

What’s the future of nbn MTM?

There’s room to change and grow as new technology emerges that NBN Co can use to improve their network. NBN Co will maintain and upgrade the different technology used in the MTM as the rollout continues and reaches completion. They’ve even announced plans to explore new options that might grow the multi technology mix even further. These have the potential for a more cost-efficient rollout and to deliver faster speeds. Watch this space!

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