What is the NBNTM completion date?

The nbn roll out is well and truly underway right across Australia with Optus now able to offer broadband services to more than 1.4 million Australian homes as of January 2016. We get the warm and fuzzies just thinking about all of our customers who now have speedy nbn access, but we sure haven't forgotten about the rest of you. We can hear your excitement and anticipation when you ask, "when will the nbn roll out be completed?!"


It's a tricky question to answer and definitely not one with a definitive date, however by 2020 nbn™ aims to have built the infrastructure that enables all homes, businesses and communities across Australia to access the high capacity broadband network.

Great news, huh? But we know what you're thinking. When will you be able to connect your home or business? For that specific progress information you'll need to use our nbn address checker. Just type in your suburb and we'll generate a map with colour coded activity in your area:

  • PURPLE: nbn service is available in your area and it's high time that you said Yes! to faster internet.
  • BROWN: nbn build has commenced. You may be eligible for an Optus nbn plan pre-order.
  • DARK GREEN: nbn™ approved construction partners are undertaking pre-construction activities in your area.
  • YELLOW: nbn isn't available in your area yet but plans are underway. Register for further notifications on progress.

Not all homes in an area are can get connected straight away, even if the nbn has reached your area, you'll still need to check your specific address.

nbn roll out can take different amounts of time in different areas depending on what technology is required and what infrastructure is already available, but typically speaking from planning through to installation it might take between 1-3 years from start to finish.

The nbn isn't mapped out by suburb, so don't be confused if it appears that you'll have access to the nbn but the nice people across the road won't. Eventually everyone will have access to high speed broadband. This means you can let your neighbours know they just have to sit tight and wait just a little longer.


To reach their goal of having 8 million homes connected by 2020, NBN Co™ has released a new three year plan to increase the NBN footprint to more homes and businesses. This work is scheduled to start construction within that three year plan period. By means of either fibre to the node, fibre to the basement, fibre to the premise, satellite or fixed wireless, we're excited to be able to connect even more of you, sooner!

For our lucky friends in the Northern Territory or Tasmania you could all be experiencing the joys of great quality streaming and speedy internet by 2018, with nbn construction across your entire territory and state expected to be completely finished by that time.

NBN Co™ estimates this will take the total number of premises signed up the NBN to more than four million.

They've also signed additional construction contracts for multi-technology roll outs in NT, SA, NSW, VIC and ACT.


That's a fair few figures floating around in those previous paragraphs, but they're not to be confused or interchanged. The nbn footprint refers to the number of premises that are able to connect to the nbn, whereas the number of connected premises reflects homes and businesses where the nbn is actually active.

This is where we come into the picture. Because nbn™ is the government wholesaler only responsible for rolling out the NBN infrastructure, consumers must access it through a retail service provider like Optus. We offer a range of nbn plans and bundles which will have you online with the nbn in no time. They have different features to suit different digital lifestyles, with Speed Packs ideal for homes with more than one or two devices connected at the same time or for the Netflix addicts or gaming enthusiasts.


Regardless of the progress in your area you can always familiarise yourself with the different nbn technologies, devices and speed tiers today.

If you're not prepared when it comes to making the switch you may experience service interruptions (that means no phone or internet for a while) or lose your existing home phone number in the process

If you're waiting around for nbn work to start, why not put on your learning cap? Our friendly team is on standby to answer any questions you have about nbn roll out, progress or service.

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