What is the difference between mobile broadband and NBN fixed wireless?

The NBN comes in different forms depending on where you live and will be available on a range of NBN wireless plans. The different technologies used to connect Australians to the NBN are known as the multi-technology mix. While most NBN connections will be connected via NBN fibre or a fibre-copper mix, NBN fixed wireless will connect a small number of Australian homes and businesses. Many of these premises with wireless NBN connections will be in regional and rural areas.

Why doesn't everyone get NBN wireless?

NBN Co has decided that connecting the majority of Australians through a fixed fibre network is the best way to deliver high-speed internet services. That's because it offers the most reliable and consistent connections, and it's a more cost-effective option.

NBN wireless uses fibre-optic cable run to a local transmission tower (base station) which then broadcasts a signal from the tower to an antenna fitted to the roof of your house. A transmission tower or base station will only send signal to a fixed set of homes and businesses, which must be within line of sight to achieve a reliable broadband or phone connection.

How will I know if I'm eligible for NBN wireless?

Check what's available at your address right now. If the NBN rollout has not yet started in your area, you can pre-register with Optus to receive notification when the rollout will begin for you, and we'll let you know if you're in an area that will receive fixed wireless NBN. If available, we can help you find an NBN wireless plan that's right for you.

In areas that will receive fixed wireless connection, NBN Co will set up local transmission towers so you can receive the strongest signal possible. They'll also set you up with a specially-placed antenna fitted to the roof of your house. Make sure you don't move or interfere with NBN-installed equipment. It could cause signal failure - yikes!

Is NBN wireless better than mobile broadband?

Short answer: yes, the NBN can provide much better speed than you can receive over a mobile network. Why? Because NBN fixed wireless is built to service a particular number of homes that aren't changing location.

Using internet over a mobile network is different because the number of users can change rapidly, and having more users on the network can slow it down. Also, a mobile user who is further away from a base station will have a weaker signal than someone closer to the base. You can rely on a stronger signal with NBN fixed wireless.

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