What is FTTN (Fibre to the Node)?

It's the acronym on every technophile's lips as the National Broadband Network continues to rollout, but what is FTTN?

FTTN stands for Fibre to the Node and it's how many Australians will receive the NBN's superfast broadband. FTTN is designed to deliver speedy data services to your place through a common network box or pillar - better known as a node. The more you node, eh?

Welcome to the neighbourhood

FTTN uses a combination of new and existing technology that delivers next-gen broadband. Here's how it works: next-gen fibre optic lines are connected to the existing copper network. The NBN will run fibre to your friendly neighbourhood node, and use its copper wiring to connect to your premises. It sounds simple because it is simple!

Get faster speeds, faster

With FTTN you can enjoy a super reliable NBN service that's super easy to get installed. Because your current connection to the telephone exchange doesn't need to be replaced, it will be quicker to deploy FTTN to your area. That means you don't even need to be home when a NBN Co. technician installs the equipment!

By putting network equipment on the street, the distance that data needs to travel over copper is reduced, allowing your connection hit higher speeds.

Bring it on! How do I get Optus NBN at my place?

Although getting connected to the NBN is easy as 1, 2, 3, it may not yet be available in your area. Take a squiz at our NBN coverage map for updates, as well as our great range of Optus NBN plans.

Optus is working right alongside the national wholesaler, NBN Co. to ensure our customers have an excellent NBN experience from day one. Once you've signed up to an Optus NBN plan, we'll arrange a free of charge standard installation of the NBN Co. equipment in your home or business.

So there you have it. FTTN really is FTW (that's "for the win") when it comes to bringing the NBN to your household!