What is a Network Termination Device?

There's lots of new equipment that will connect your home or business to the National Broadband Network. But there's no need to worry: NBN Co will install most of it for you. Still, it's important to familiarise yourself with the Network Termination Device (NTD). We call it the nbn connection box.

What does the NTD connect to?

The Network Termination Device is the box NBN Co installs inside your home that you in turn connect to your Optus nbn modem. It will already be connected to a power supply unit (and possibly a back-up power supply unit). Make sure you leave those plugged in and switched on at the mains power.

The nbn connection box will also be connected to the internal fibre wall outlet, which is connected to the nbn utility box or nbn antenna outside your home. The connection box might look a little bit different depending on whether your home is connected via nbn fibre or fixed wireless, but it will still have the same functions. Make sure you leave any cables that the nbn technician installed between the wall outlet and the connection box plugged in at all times (unless you're chatting to our lovely nbn technicians and they ask you to remove the cables).

On the day of connection, ask your technician to confirm that your connection box is activated and working.

Where will your NTD be placed in your home?

NBN Co's technicians will suggest where to install the nbn connection box. Generally, this will be close to the wall outlet. Make sure you let them know if you have a preferred location for the connection box. The connection box should be less than three metres away from your Optus WiFi modem for optimal connection. If possible, pick the room where your main computer or Smart TV is located. That's where your main phone should go too.

Remember that the nbn is likely to be active for a long time, so consider how any future renovation plans might affect your nbn equipment placement. It's also best not to put the box in a room prone to high temperatures, steam, dampness, dust or dirt. Lastly, keep it away from little hands and paws: since it's electronic equipment, keep it out of reach from young children and pets.

Connect your modem to the NBN

When you receive our Optus nbn self-installation pack it will come with step-by-step instructions that you should be able to follow with ease. The pack will show you exactly how and where to connect your modem and home phone to the nbn connection box. If you're having any issues installing your new equipment, we can send out a technician to install it for you (please note: there is a fee for this service).

How to care for your NTD

The NTD, power supply unit and fibre optic unit should not be cleaned with water, painted, or obstructed in any way. This could cause a potentially permanent fault with your nbn service. As mentioned above, make sure to keep it away from rooms that are affected by extreme heat, water condensation, or lots of dust or dirt.

If all this connection box info has left you hungry for an nbn connection all your own, find out when nbn service will be available in your area using our handy address checker. We can also help you find the best nbn plan and speed pack offered by Optus to suit your needs.

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