We love superfast Internet speed from dial-up to NBN

Some things are meant to be taken slow. Sunday mornings, walks on the beach, Game of Thrones marathons, holidays in The Maldives.

But not the internet. With high-speed NBN, you don't have to worry about holding back on the fun stuff with sub-par download speed. It's been designed to help you get things done, fast.

So how did we get from dial-up to lightning-fast NBN? Discover with us how watching live sports online and the world of Netflix-binging came to be.

Remember 90s dial-up speeds? Forget them with NBN

When the World Wide Web was introduced to the public in 1993 - thanks to British computer scientist and 'Inventor of the Internet', Tim Berners-Lee - internet access was available via 56kbps modems connecting through phone lines.

So how fast was that exactly? Well, think of it this way - with a 56kpbs modem running at full speed in the early 90s you could download a 3.5MB song in about ten minutes. #fail

But let's say you weren't at full speed; with some luck you could download a 700MB movie in, oh, say, about three to five days. Yep, that's right, planning your loved-up Saturday night on the couch started on Tuesday!

But we've come a long way, baby, and slow internet will soon be a thing of the past. The National Broadband Network has already started rolling out in Australia, bringing superfast internet to homes, businesses and schools around the country.

Is the NBN really fast?

You betcha! Want to download a 200MB show in minutes, not hours or days? With NBN speeds of up to 100 Mbps when you add our Speed Boost Max Pack you can.

The NBN rollout, thanks to nbn, is your pathway to superfast, reliable internet. Say goodbye to the copper-wire network and hello to NBN fibre - glass fibre optic cable that uses light to transmit data over long distances. And we all know how fast light is! #lightspeed

So with superfast internet speed at your fingertips, you can focus more on the things you love to do online and worry less about your internet access.

So when is the future of the internet coming to me?

We've made it really easy for you to discover when the NBN rollout will reach you. All you have to do is search your address on the NBN map and you can find out if your place is NBN-ready! #tooeasy

Also you can discover what you need to know about the NBN coming to your area by clicking here. Then, when NBN is live in your area, we've prepared some data-full NBN plans as well as high-speed NBN Speed Packs so you can choose to supercharge your internet speed even more!

Want to talk NBN?

If you want to know more about the NBN rollout and how to get connected to NBN, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members:

Speed: The range of speeds above are only an indication of what you may experience on your service. The speed you will experience depends on a number of factors including your access type, demand on the Network and local conditions such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination and your location which can interfere with reception and speed.