Unlimited data? No worries mate.

The freedom to download without data worries is here. And with NBN, you can download at the speed of light thanks to the new fibre optic cables being rolled out across Australia. We talked to Rob, a Sydney local and data-gobbler, about how enjoys unlimited data with NBN.

Unlimited data, meet superfast internet speed

Since he's been online with NBN, Rob has been reaching speeds that are leaps and bounds beyond his previous top speed of 7.5 Mbps with ADSL2+. And that's because Rob's place is hooked up to NBN via Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), the fastest form of NBN connection. In Rob's words, "It's just leagues ahead of ADSL2+ in terms of internet speed."

"Because of the insane internet speed, it easy to exceed what you thought you might use without even knowing it," Rob said. It's for this reason Rob's glad he opted for a plan with unlimited data, because now he can avoid nasty surprises in the form of data limits and sub-par internet speed. It's all smooth data sailing at Rob's place.

With unlimited data comes not-so-great responsibility

Thanks to our unlimited data NBN plans, you no longer have to be afraid of getting caught up online. That means hours of TV shows, mountains of movies and supersonic streaming all without the data worries.

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What are you going to do with all that data?

Just like the data in your plan, the possibilities with NBN can be unlimited. No matter how much you download, if you have unlimited data included in your plan you don't have to put a limit on your favourite online activities. When it comes to having a network of devices setup for work and his downtime, Rob said he "wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for NBN."

And thanks to NBN speed, the download wait is over too. Rob told us one of the biggest differences he's noticed about NBN is that "buffering is much less likely." Gone are the days of hour-long waits - welcome to the age of practically instant downloading. "You hardly have to wait for anything to load anymore - mostly time it's just there straight away." #goodbyebuffering

Whether he's downloading software for work or catching up on a few seasons of a show, Rob is all about doing data-hungry things online. When he needs to get the latest programs for work, it's easy for Rob to logon remotely to his home PC and download them using superfast NBN speed. And when he has some downtime at work, Rob can plan his night's entertainment - "I use a free program which is great for when I have some downtime at work because I can login to my computer at home and download the latest episode of something I'll want to see later."