Ultimate Halloween party planning guide for adults

The ultimate halloween party planning guide

Why should the kids have all the fun? Throw a ‘groan-ups’ only party and use these ghoulish ideas. With the help of an $80 Optus nbn™ plan (min. cost 24 months $1,920) and our handy list of everything you’ll need, you’re in for a frightfully fabulous event.

Choose a theme

You could try your hand at carving up some pumpkins, put up some random decorations, throw on ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson and call it a bash. Why not take it up a notch with these fun and super easy themes:

  • Dead Hollywood celebrities
  • Harry Potter
  • Zombies
  • Graveyard
  • Haunted House
  • Murder Mystery


There is an extensive selection of digital and paper Halloween invites you can send out that will compliment your theme. But if you want to go that extra mile and get creative, try these alternatives:

  • Use a mini pumpkin or pumpkin candle as your invite
  • Either write in permanent marker your party details or print out a sticker. Decorate with glitter and stick Halloween confetti shapes around the text.

  • Create an invitation covered in eyes
  • Your guests will be ‘eyeing’ off this invitation on their fridge and won’t forget to RSVP! A simple, memorable way to invite people to your party. Simply cut black cardboard into squares, glue googly eyes on the back and write out your details in a silver pen.

  • Use Halloween props to hold your invite
  • Create a striking invitation by simply using cheap props like witches fingers, Trick-or-treat lanterns, themed paper plates and cups to hold a rolled up paper invite.

What to wear

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hiring or buying a Halloween costume, you can easily make your own with these creative DIY ideas:

  • Ghost
  • Grab an old bedsheet and cut out some holes out for the eyes.

  • Fortune teller
  • Wear a long skirt, top and head scarf and shawl. Add some large hoop earrings.

  • Vampire
  • The key to this DIY costume is the makeup. Smear fake blood or red food colouring around your mouth. Ensure your face is covered in white face paint or very light foundation and complete your look with fake fangs.

  • Bag of jelly beans
  • For this costume, you’ll need a large clear plastic bag, a packet of coloured balloons, permanent marker and a piece of ribbon. Cut our holes for your arms and legs, fill up the garbage bag with the balloons and tie the ribbon carefully around your neck in a bow.

  • Little kid
  • Put on a onesie or PJs and carry a stuffed toy around with you.

  • Mummy
  • Super easy to put together, all your need is some white clothes and toilet paper or bandages. Wrap either around you and throw some fake blood onto your costume.

  • ‘Error 404’ – Costume not found
  • All you need is a t-shirt and grab a thick, permanent marker to write the text.

  • Tourist
  • A pair of baggy shorts, tucked in t shirt, sun visor and a bum bag should do the trick. Don’t forget the knee high socks with sandals.

  • Bouncer
  • Throw on a fitted t-shirt, suit jacket and pants with sunglasses and go around asking if guests have their ID on them.

Food and drink

Think simple, easy and fuss free Halloween themed food and drinks to serve at your party. Plan to make finger foods, yummy drinks and of course have sweets on hand.

Finger food ideas

  • Goat and cheddar cheese ball shaped into a pumpkin
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Freaky hot dog fingers (Pigs in a blanket with a twist)
  • Bloodshot devilled eyeball eggs


  • Ensure you have punch and a few fun mixed cocktails on hand.
  • Give the drinks creative names – Concoct a red punch and name it ‘Vampire’s Blood’ or make some jelly shots and call them ‘Slime slammers’.


There are so many specular affects you can create in a variety of clever ways.

  • Hire a smoke machine from a party store and add an eerie ambiance to your very own the haunted house.
  • Create a spider’s lair with artificial cobwebs and make a few spiders from pipe cleaners.

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