I'm ready to connect to the NBNTM - What do I need to know?

So National Broadband Network connections are on their way to your area? Fantastic news! It's time to catch up on everything you need to do to connect your home or business and start enjoying Australia’s new high capacity network.

Switching to the NBN isn’t automatic

Use our handy address checker for the latest nbn installation update for your home or business. When you find out your address is ready to connect, we'll make your nbn connection offered by Optus easy from day one.

We can help set up your NBN Co installation appointment to get all the equipment up-and-running and send you everything you need to get your nbn connection offered by Optus started.

You'll be given lots of reminders to connect, so make it a task you do tick off your to-do list.

If not, you risk losing your current home phone and internet services when the current copper network is switched off!

If you plan to operate EFTPOS machines or medical or security alarms at your property, consult the device's manufacturer about how it will work on the nbn network. You can also discuss these questions with one of Optus' friendly team members our retail stores.

What kind of NBN connection will I get?

The National Broadband Network is being delivered to all Aussies through a number of different technologies. NBN Co will determine what type of nbn connection you'll receive. Most of us will have our home connected via fixed fibre optic cables but the way those cables come into your home might be a little different. Some will have the fibre cables run directly into their homes, and others will have nearby fibre cables connected to their home's current copper wiring. Other options also include using Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cables, connecting via nbn fixed wireless or even via satellite technologies.

Do I have to pay to get NBN installed?

In the majority of cases, getting the National Broadband Network installed in your home is currently free of charge. If you choose to self-install your nbn modem offered by Optus, you won't be charged either. Check out our range of nbn plans and nbn speed packs offered by Optus to see which suits your household.

If you rent, tell your landlord about the NBN

Optus and NBN Co are doing everything we can to educate landlords about the nbn and the installation process. When you want to connect to the nbn, make sure you ask your landlord about getting it installed. If they're happy for you to have nbn installed, keep them updated about the NBN Co installation appointment date, as equipment will be attached to the inside and outside of most properties. For more information about connecting to the nbn as a tenant, head here.

How do I start using the NBN once the equipment is installed?

At the same time that we organise your nbn installation appointment, we'll also send you all the bits and bobs you need to connect your favourite Optus devices to your home network. We can send you an Optus nbn modem that comes with simple step-by-step instructions to install yourself and connect all your devices. After that, the world of superfast internet offered by the nbn is yours to explore!