Tech tips to boost your productivity

From drones to driverless cars, technology is not only making our lives easier but far more convenient. But as we integrate technology into everyday life, it's getting harder to concentrate without distractions like social media and smartphones.

With a little planning and an Optus nbn™ broadband connection, you can use some of these efficiency-boosting tips to help get work done faster.

Use tech where you need help

Identify the areas where you waste the most time. Chose services or mobile apps that directly meet your needs. No matter what you need, whether it's social media scheduling or banking apps, there is always a tech solution or an app that automates.

Manage your passwords effectively

Generating and resetting passwords can be a costly drain both operationally and financially. Manage everything using one tool like 1Password or integrate things like biometric authentication. You may find it easier to integrate alternatives such as selfies or voice recognition to log into systems.

Use your iPad or tablet as a second monitor

If you're struggling for screen space and are sick of having endless tabs overcrowding your browser, try using your iPad or tablet in addition to your laptop.

Configure your browser to stop procrastination

Studies conducted by the University of Illinois show that people who give in to some sort of a distraction once an hour achieve more than those who just keep at it without a break. Our brains eventually go numb from all the constant stimulation, stopping us from treating tasks as important. If you take a small break, it allows you to return to tasks invigorated and with a sense of purpose.

Try using a browser extension which allows you to set time limits for specific websites. Once you've reach the allocated time limit, the website will become briefly inaccessible.

Set a follow up reminder in your smart phone

You're in 'the zone' but take a moment to check your phone to see a brunch invite, vowing to answer back later but forget to. Set the voice assistant on your smart phone to remind you about it later.

Organise your time

Plan out your day using your laptop's calendar app. Set reminders with some solid planning. You'll discover that once you have entered everything into your calendar, you will be far more productive.

Note down simple goals

Setting goals helps you stay on track so utilise features on your smartphone to set them. Note down targets and set little reminders; whether they are daily, weekly or monthly reminders - they will encourage you to look at the bigger picture. It will ultimately result in greater achievements and success.

Use your smartphone to scan documents

Even you use email for documents, there may be times when sharing hard copy paperwork becomes necessary. Try using a free app to scan documents, expense receipts, business cards and forms with your smartphone's camera.


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