Stream TV with NBN and more

What's better than the internet? Faster internet.

From streaming your favourite shows to watching live sports uninterrupted, the possibilities are endless with the next-generation NBN at your place.

1. Make your home an entertainment hub

Who doesn't love good-value entertainment? No one, that's who! So that's why we've packed loads of data along with Fetch into our entertainment NBN plans.

Whether you're after movies to watch or a late-night Netflix marathon, with Optus NBN will deliver what you love in a flash.

And it doesn't stop there. Multi-player gaming will hit the next level in quality and speed with NBN.

Transforming your home into an entertainment hub is fast and simple with NBN. Sign up for NBN updates and we'll let you know when you can get connected.

2. Watch live sport from across the globe

Want in on some live sport action? Thanks to NBN our network is about to get a whole lot faster and more reliable, so you can watch live sports from around the world in real time from the comfort of your home.

And we know that regional Australians love sport just as much as the city slickers. So we've got you covered with lightning-fast NBN speed as well via NBN Fixed Wireless.

3. Explore online to your heart's content

Celebrities on Instagram. Cat videos on YouTube. Nights spent on Netflix. You can have it all with Optus NBN.

We've prepared our NBN plans so you don't have to miss out anymore. Because at Optus, we know what it's like to get lost in a YouTube vortex. You can avoid data-worry by selecting one of our plans with unlimited broadband.

We've also made our plans flexible, so you can zip along with our lightning-fast NBN Speed Packs.

4. Stay social by connecting with family and friends

Do you have multiple socialites in your household? No worries. NBN knows how to deal with some serious internet traffic.

So you can be Skyping family overseas while someone else is posting a Foodstagram and catching up on the latest episode of House of Cards. With Optus NBN, everyone can stay in the loop.

You can talk til your heart's content with our Broadband + Home Phone NBN plans.

And since we know Australians are such globe trotters, we've also included some killer international call rates, so catching up with your mates overseas won't cost you a fortune. #internationallove

5. Work from home without worries

NBN isn't just business-ready. NBN is ready to help make your life more flexible.

Working from home is easy with NBN. Share documents. Download reports. Upload presentations. Whatever you need to do for your job, you can get it done in a flash with superfast Optus NBN.

Want to talk Optus NBN?

If you want to talk more about superfast streaming with Optus NBN, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members: