Stream to your heart's content with NBN

Want to download TV shows in minutes not hours? Get the latest games in a click? Watch YouTube videos without the wait? We talked to Rob who lives in Sydney about how he enjoys endless entertainment online with NBN. And you can too as soon as your choose one of our NBN plans.

Why wait when you've got NBN?

Are you spending your work days dreaming about watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show or blockbuster movie? How about if you could download them while you're at work so you can avoid the wait? That's just one of the things that you can do with NBN. We spoke to Rob, a 28-year old Sydneysider, about how he stays entertained with NBN. He said, "If I have some downtime at work, I'll login to my computer at home remotely and download the latest episode of something I'll want to see later."

Rob uses a free online system that allows you to "run your own Netflix with your own media." So for Rob it's never been more convenient or faster to download or stream content. In his words, "I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for the NBN."

Online streaming, say hello to NBN internet speed

Thanks to NBN, Rob is saying farewell to constant buffering worries and hello to split-second downloads. With the NBN being progressively rolled out throughout Australia, more and more people can experience superfast NBN speed on the regular.

When it comes to watching videos on YouTube, Rob is getting used to superfast streaming and higher default quality of 720p or 1080p. Rob also told us that he loves how with NBN all his favourite online activities can been integrated into one system. And that includes, of course, the latest online games. With NBN, Rob has created his own personal entertainment hub! #entertainmentenvy

Down with dawdling downloading

Since being connected to NBN, Rob has broken free from the slow download curse. Streaming videos, whether for work or in his downtime, has never been easier or faster.

Fast, reliable NBN internet has changed the way Rob enjoys his downtime, making streaming or downloading videos, movies and TV shows faster and more accessible than ever before. "I download a lot of TV shows and movies, and videos," Rob said, and the difference he noticed in download time because of superfast NBN speed was "just a dream."

Your entertainment hub awaits with NBN

When it comes to NBN, sharing is caring. It's not just Rob who benefits from his superfast NBN connection. With NBN, Rob's been able to help his parents, who are "a bit technologically challenged," set up their TV so they can stream their favourite movies and TV shows directly to their screen. Thanks to new technology and NBN, Rob can "have a remote meeting with my parents and show them how to manage the technology instead of having to drive all the way and show them in person."

Recently he set up a home theatre for his parents through their PC, giving them access to an "entire hard drive of movies, TV shows and pictures to access and play through their TV." #weareNBNfamily