Seven tips for moving house with Optus

Moving house soon? Ensure it's hassle-free with these tips to make it as smooth as possible.

1. Existing customer? Book your relocation

If you are planning to move your Optus nbn™ connection over to your new address, arrange your relocation two weeks prior online.

2. New Optus customer?

First things first. To get the ball rolling, check to see if the nbn is available at your new address.

Don't forget to take a look over our Optus nbn broadband plans, to get an idea of which one best suits your needs.

3. Connect your electricity and gas online

Finalise your accounts; organise disconnection and your utilities for the new address online.

4. Redirect your mail

You can organise a redirect on your mail for up to twelve months with Australia Post.

5. Packing ect your mail

Keep your move stress-free and try these handy tips when packing:

  • Spring clean and de-clutter before you start.
  • Pack your heavier items on the bottom.
  • Keep your clothes in side table drawers and tape them shut.
  • Don't use standard garbage bags, they'll rip.
  • Keep things from the same room together.

6. Organise a removal truck

It's a good idea to factor in the costs of removalists to relieve some of the stress of moving. Ensure that your quote lists all charges, including minimum billable hours, cost per hour and any extras.

7. Update all your details

If you're moving it's not just bills that need to be redirected. Make sure you update your details for your car rego, drivers licence, Medicare and the ATO.

Optus nbn is available in selected homes. Fair Go Policy applies.

* Installation fees may be incurred if a professional install is requested where a self-install option is available. A New Development Charge will apply if your property is classified by NBN as a 'New Development' and has never had a service connected through NBN.

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