Seven cheap ways to travel the world

The internet has revolutionised the way we choose our holidays: we're avoiding visits to travel agents, preferring to research and book via online sites, creating our own custom experiences booking the cheapest flights and hotel reservations.

If you're surfing on your Optus NBN connection planning a cheap getaway, remember there are alternatives to conventional travel which can cost far less than you might imagine. Here are seven ways to finance a trip abroad.

Work on cruise ships

It's a great way to save money, see the world and meet a very broad range of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Remember you aren't on holiday; your days are long and you will experience extended periods out at sea. Despite this, you may be rewarded with free accommodation and meals in addition to pay.

Teach English

Ever considered getting a working visa to teach English abroad? You'll discover opportunities in numerous places all over the world. You may need to be a native speaker however and complete a certification course, but there are programs that may pay for your accommodation and flights in addition to your salary.

Work on an organic farm

Learn about different cultures while learning about organic growing by 'WWOOFing'. It's a great way to see different countries in exchange for food and a place to stay. You'll work for about 4-6 hours per day leaving the rest of your day free to explore.

Become a nanny overseas

Who doesn't want to be paid to travel? Your flights are usually covered by the family you are working for in addition to your accommodation a small salary. You'll also get time off to explore any nearby cities or countries. Best part? You'll experience a new culture first hand, eat new foods and you might even learn a new language.

Volunteer abroad

Volunteering not only helps others but you will go through your own journey of self-discovery, learning about yourself and your limits. You may find that you will start to appreciate things you have taken for granted like clean water and technology. Language barriers will become a thing of the past and an experience like this will impress potential employers down the track.

Get a job at a resort

Resort positions tend to land you accommodation and a small salary, but its risky trying to find jobs on the spot. It's generally a lot easier if you find a position in advance for peak seasons. You'll be able to save some cash and explore the area in your downtime.

Housesit abroad

You basically get to stay overseas for free, with the creature comforts of home including a kitchen filled with basic essentials. Some homeowners may let you use their car, bicycle or even transport passes. Some people will even pay you to stay in their homes.

Fair Go Policy applies. Available in selected homes.

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