Five benefits of adding video conferencing to your business

Five benefits of adding video conferencing to your business

It’s challenging to work out what technologies to embrace and allocate for in a budget when there are a variety of options to consider. With more employees opting to work virtually or remotely more often, businesses need to bring their staff together on a constant basis using the most productive, resourceful and cost effective means possible.

Wondering how video conferencing via your Optus nbn™ connection can make a difference to your workplace productivity?

1. Make better decisions

Communication is the key, but during a video conference you’ll be able to see reactions and the body language of others in real-time, allowing you to gauge situations and interactions more effectively. You’ll be able to get immediate responses to ideas and share concepts more easily. Video conferencing also helps to build teamwork because it allows you to develop and refine business ideas more efficiently and engage in flexible decision making processes.

2. Do business faster

Ensure any software or hardware you use is compatible with different systems to accommodate for any tech advances, upgrades or changes.

3. Up your productivity and reduce costs

The way people work has changed dramatically. Video conferencing allows businesses to unite teams regardless of time zones and locations, allowing them to connect and share information. Corporations save on expenses and losses in productivity triggered by continuous travel. Companies may also see a decrease in operational and energy costs due to video conferencing.

4. Flexible work options

Allowing employees to work remotely with video conferencing means they can tune in and contact anyone, no matter where they are. To ensure that this sort of flexibility is utilised properly make sure that you offer a video conferencing solution that is compactible on PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

5. Add value to meetings

If you have a solid video conferencing system in place, it can provide a seamless tech experience for employees – they save less time fussing over technical glitches and more time focusing on the meeting. It also allows companies to build relationships through face-to-face interactions.


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Speed & Video Quality: Many factors affect speed and video quality such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination, your location and the number of simultaneous video streams or other downloads you have running over your connection.