Nine tips for stepping up your Instagram game

Sharing is caring right? Whether you are checking out what your friends did over the weekend, or what Kylie Jenner is wearing to dinner, it's easy to use and captures moments instantly.

We've got some tips and tricks to help you master 'gramming'.

Use your Optus nbn™ WiFi connection

Connect to your Optus nbn™ WiFi connection if you are going to upload to Instagram while you are at home. There's no rush either to ensure you get your post right - if you're out and about, snap your pic and wait until you reconnect to your WiFi. Then you can take your time, creating a picture perfect post.

Be genuine

Don't aim for perfect, polished and professional. Remember it's all about quality not quantity. Go ahead, post that gorgeous sunset from your trip to Thailand. Save your lunch of leftover chilli con carne pic for Instagram Stories. Don’t be afraid to post candid, spontaneous moments they also work really well.

Don't post too frequently

Be consistent but don't bombard your Instagram feed to the point that you are oversharing. Less is certainly more.

Be unique and post for yourself, not for likes

Forget trends and taking snaps of what people may 'like'. Capture memories that you will look back through your own eyes. Experiment and give yourself time to learn how to use your camera properly.

Use the EDIT feature not a FILTER

Play around with all the features, starting off with small changes to things like the brightness and contrast. This will enable you to make sure your photo is looking at its very best before posting.

Write a catchy caption

A picture says a thousand words. Keep it brief and clever so that it compliments your snap.

Limit your hashtags

It's distracting seeing a caption filled with a long list of hashtags. You only need 3 or 4 at the most. Don't be 'that guy'. #limit #Your #HASHTAGS #!

Post a video

Mix it up and upload a video to your feed. Make sure you shoot in a well-lit area and keep it straight to the point - you only have 15 seconds to impress.

Know your angles

Certain things look better from certain angles. For example, food looks more appealing when you take the picture from an overhead view. When you're snapping photos, try to get a few different angles so you have a few to pick from.

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