Nine different ways to travel

We've all dreamed at some point to travel the world. There are some many different ways to have a unique adventure, each have their own appeal. With a little research and planning using your Optus nbn™ connection, you could be on your way to organising one great escape.

Weekend getaway

You might not be able to take months off trekking around the world, but you can still explore your own backyard with a weekend escape. Keep an eye out for last-minute flight deals and hotel specials close to capital cities. Don't forget to travel from Friday and come back on Sunday to make the most of your trip.

All-inclusive holiday

Best part about these sorts of holidays is that you simply select where you want to go, make the booking and everything is included; from flights, hotels and in some cases meals and drinks.

Some may turn their noses up at this sort of travel, but when you are after the ultimate in relaxation, this form of travel allows you to plan how you are going to spend your holiday rather than stressing out over booking it.

Road trip in a caravan

There's nothing more liberating than hitting the open road. Great part about travelling with a caravan is that it's not only cost effective but you can always head towards a new destination. Not only is it a family-friendly form of travel it's probably one of the best ways to explore natural wonders that are close by.

Group tours

It tends to get a pretty bad image of 20-somethings binge drinking and wanting to party. But there are quite a few advantages. Not only are all the details taken care of, but you'll get to see things you may have missed had you travelled solo. You'll also have a group of people to share experiences with and may walk away from it with new friends.

The other advantage is that you also have plenty of free time on tours to be able to explore on your own.


Unlike structured trips, you have the freedom to explore however you want. You'll find that you will often move a lot more and see your confidence grow as you will experience far more than a regular traveller. It's also one of the cheapest options and for some, may be the most rewarding as you stay long enough in places to soak up the culture.

Take a gap year

This is a great way to take a break before hitting the books again at university. It gives people a chance to expand their minds travelling, working, volunteering or studying in another country.

Some educational institutions recognise gap years and run programs that may count towards course credits. Another great way to spend a gap year is to work or volunteer. It will help build a strong resume and relieve the financial pressure.

Travel to a festival or special event

Whether it's a music festival or a sporting event like the EPL Final, it's a chance to experience something unique in a new place - with the option of tagging on a holiday afterwards. You will also be visiting alongside many others who have the same interests as you.

Visit your friends and family abroad

The great thing about visiting people you know is that they may give you a different perspective on a culture. You may also be able to spend more time in a country. The only downfall is that you are a guest and may not have the liberty to come and go as you please.

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