NBN Plans: Finding the right one for you

You're going online just to check your emails, right? A friend's sent you a cute animal video, so you have to watch that. Then you'll just check Facebook. Then Twitter. Then Instagram. Oh, and is a new season on Netflix starting today? You'd better watch that.

In other words, at Optus we understand that it's easy to get caught up online. And we want to make sure that when you choose your NBN plan, it fits with your internet habits. Plus, for those of you who have a home phone line and enjoy hours upon hours of entertainment, we've got you covered with our plans too.

Whichever plan you choose, you'll receive a shiny new modem ready to get you connected to NBN. And there are no hidden additional costs when you move house and want to take your plan with you. There's just a one-off initial connection and delivery fee and then you'll be ready to get going online with superfast NBN. #NBNfreedom

Is your place NBN-ready?

First, let's find out if NBN is available at your address with our NBN map. If the NBN rollout has reached you then you're ready to select one of our data-full NBN plans.

If the NBN is on its way to your place, you can still have a look through our plans so you're prepared to get connected asap! You can stay ultra-prepared by signing up for our NBN news updates so you'll be the first to know about NBN coming to your area.

For the entertainment lovers

Want superfast internet? Unlimited data? Stream TV and movies and record them on-the-go? A home phone with great call rates? And a stack of premium entertainment channels?

We've created our Entertainment and Ultimate Bundles just for you. With NBN + Home Phone + Fetch all wrapped up in one tidy bundle, you won't have to look further than your couch for all your entertainment desires.

In our Entertainment Bundle and Ultimate Bundle you will get:

  • An NBN Speed Pack - our Basic Pack is included in our Entertainment Bundle and our Speed Boost Pack is included in our Ultimate Bundle. But if you feel the need for more internet speed, you can upgrade anytime to our Speed Boost or Speed Boost Max Packs.
  • Fetch - record shows, pause and rewind live TV, stream movies directly to your phone or tablet, enjoy 30 pre-selected movies per month and choose from over 4000 on-demand movie rentals. Plus if you have a Netflix subscription and a 2nd gen set top box, you can enjoy Netflix marathons on your TV!
  • Entertainment Pack - sit back, relax and feel the entertainment value with the 35+ premium channels included in the bundle of your choice! MTV, Nickelodeon, ESPN, SyFy - we've got these channels and more waiting to entertain everyone at your place.
  • Unlimited standard local and national calls - when you sign up to our Ultimate Bundle you'll also receive unlimited standard national calls to mobiles and unlimited standard international calls to selected countries. #getchatting

For the internet and home phone lovers

Do you love having a chat on your home phone? Maybe you have friends and family overseas that you call? And you love superfast internet?

Look no further than our Basics and Big Bundles.

You'll get unlimited standard local and national calls when you sign up to our Basics Bundle or Big Bundle and our Basic Speed Pack which will get your place zipping along on NBN.

You can also upgrade your NBN Speed Pack to our Speed Boost or Speed Boost Max packs if you want to feel more NBN speed.

For the internet purists

Do you want superfast internet? And don't need a home phone?

Say hello to our Just Broadband NBN plans. These are perfect for the YouTube watchers, Netflix lovers, Facebook aficionados, Tumblr addicts, endless emailers, Twitter fanatics and general internet enthusiasts.

For the dedicated internet users we recommend our unlimited data NBN plan, which also includes our Fast Speed Pack.

On our 200GB Broadband plan includes our Basic Speed Pack, perfect for homes that enjoy light web browsing.

Chosen your plan? Then it's time to get NBN-connected

Once you've discovered which of our NBN plans is at home at your place, we'll arrange for nbn to set up your NBN Connection Box - if you don't have it already that is!

Then it's just a matter of waiting for your NBN Starter Pack, that includes your new modem and all the other tools and information you need to get NBN-connected, to be delivered.

If you feel like getting someone else to do the work, you can with our professional installation service. For a small fee one of our experts will visit your place and sort through the cables to get you connected to superfast internet, fast!

If you get online with NBN and still have a need for more speed, check out our NBN Speed Packs - they can be added anytime to your flexible NBN plan. #quickfix

Want to talk NBN?

If you want to talk about which NBN plan is right for your lifestyle, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members: