NBN Nine ways to increase your social engagement

NBN and social media-engagement

Attracting an engaged audience to your social media accounts is a great way to build a loyal community of customers.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘engagement’ thrown around. To put it simply, it’s the conversation you have with your customers online. Your ‘fans’ have different ways to engage with you whether it’s via comments, likes, shares, replies, tags, retweets, mentions, follows – the list goes on.

Remember a business needs to be engaged in online ‘conversation’ before they see customers engage – it’s a two way street. Engaged followers mean they not only like you, but they trust your brand.

Want to increase your social media engagement? Try using these techniques using your $80 Optus nbn™ plan (min. cost 24 months $1,920).

1. Post content when your social media traffic is high

Study your analytics and note down the times people usually visit your social media accounts. Schedule content when you see a rise in traffic – this will ensure that you engage with your customers.

2. Share video content

Want to make an impact and grab customer’s attention when they are browsing their social media? Consider the following:

  • Humour, behind-the-scenes, education, storytelling, interviews, how-to and event promotion are some of the video topics that perform best.
  • Keep videos short and under two minutes - Facebook videos at one minute, 30 seconds and for Twitter at about two minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Take into account that a large percentage of your audience will be viewing your content on their smartphones. Ensure there are captions with all your videos, that way your followers can watch videos without sound.
  • Your copy that accompanies your video should resonate with others. Ensure it sets up the video and doesn’t state the obvious. It’s there to drive followers to watch your video.

3. There’s nothing wrong with posting images and GIFS

Pictures that have a valuable message can command far more engagement that just text alone. Images and memes tend to provide light humour and stick out in a news feed. According to social media scheduling tool CoSchedule, tweets with GIFs tend to get 167% more click-throughs than tweets with static images.

4. Organise a live Q&A session

Is there a topic or product you tend to get a lot of enquiries about? Then this is a great way to build a relationship between your customers and your brand. You are allowing them to have a connection that normally wouldn’t be available to them via standard channels. This is a very clever way to humanise your business brand which makes you not only engaging but triggers brand awareness.

Use promotion around the session as content for your social media account and get customers to send in any questions or topics in advance so that you can craft a worthwhile outcome.

5. Run a competition

A great way to drum up engagement is to get customers to judge a winner when you run a competition; you’ll be triggering your audience to vote in the form of likes, comments and shares. Make sure you provide clear instructions for your audience so that they can participate.

6. Run Instagram, Facebook and Twitter polls

Social media gives people the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and stories. It also gives your business the opportunity to ignite a conversation with your own community. Customers will feel like they are being heard and you will prompt real-time engagement.

7. Respond to comments and messages straight away

It’s very important that you continually respond to messages, visitor posts and comments. You wouldn’t ignore the phone if a customer was calling, so don’t treat your social media engagement any differently.

8. Use emojis

There’s nothing wrong with businesses having a little fun with their social media content so lighten up. Data shows that using emojis can increase likes by up to 57%. It also has the ability to increase engagement; comment and share rate and creates the feeling that customers are talking to a real person not an enterprise.

9. Initiate engagement by talking about social issues

Customers find that they relate more to your brand if you raise relevant issues triggered by trending news, social or health topics. The beauty of doing so means you have the opportunity to subtly promote your own services or products.


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