How to write engaging Instagram captions

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Studies by GlobalWebIndex found that 53% of Instagram users follow their favourite business brands.

It is clear then that the photo sharing platform is more relevant than ever. As a business, you can use images on Instagram to illustrate your brand message. To get a higher engagement rate, you should use captions. Captions allow you to build context around what you are sharing.

With a bit of clever strategy and an Optus nbn™ broadband connection, these six tips will help you craft creative yet effective captions.

Employ a consistent tone of voice

Customers will scroll through their feed on the lookout for content that grabs their attention. Have a little fun – try a casual approach. Avoid stating the obvious and leading with a corporate tone. Remember you need to identify with your audience, so don’t talk down to them.

Push a call-to-action

According to Instagram, 60% of consumers say they have discovered new products on the platform and 75% of ‘Grammers’ take action after being inspired by a post. Keep in mind that a post doesn’t necessarily have to bombard customers with sales talk – it can be utilised to trigger engagement by encouraging your audience to tag their friends or leave comments. Using a question as a caption can also boost engagement as people can post their responses in the comments section under your picture.

Cut to the chase

Take into account that your caption will have to be quite short and to the point. Anything longer and it will be cut off by the ‘View More’ button. Don’t state the obvious, get to the point straight away and ensure you end your captions with hashtags. The recommended length is around 150 characters. Remember to KISS: Keep it simple, stupid!


Hashtags are necessary if you want to expand your audience; however you need to understand how they work and use them accondringly. Think of hashtags as a giant filing system – they are used to classify or group content in categories. Customers and potential new clients can search a relevant hashtag and it will display the latest content that features that particular keyword. To ensure you get the best results, only use between 3-4 hashtags.

Use emojis

Statistics have shown that 93% of connections customers have with social media content are nonverbal – emoji’s can help trigger emotion behind posts. It allows you to turn a caption into something a little more light hearted at times. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go minimal. Often a super simple caption featuring an emoji and a few hashtags is all you need to get your point across.

Tag other Instagram accounts

There’s nothing wrong with tagging other businesses, clients, staff, influencers or big brands in your Instagram posts. This often leads to them engaging with your post, increasing your reach. Audiences also respond well to user generated content as it triggers a connection with your audience and can convert them into fans – they’ll in turn become brand advocates

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