4 ways NBN communications can transform your business right now

With more and more business being conducted online, the National Broadband Network (NBN) will have a transformative effect on how we work.

NBN communications give you a whole new world of possibilities and exciting ways to connect with your customers. It doesn't matter whether you work in a large enterprise or you're a one-person band, superfast broadband has the power to transform communications in every business.

Here are four big ways that NBN communications can transform your business right now.

1. High-quality real-time video conferencing

Work smarter. Meet with colleagues, clients and partners face-to-face anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world - all without leaving your desk. With speeds offered by the NBN, you can take advantage of sophisticated video conferencing platforms, making virtual meetings a reality in your business.

NBN business plans give you the green light to enjoy high quality video combined with crystal clear audio to give your videoconferences real life clarity. You'll reduce the need for business travel, save time, and the money you spend on:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Sales calls
  • Training sessions
  • Distance learning and professional development
  • Project management and team meetings

2. Online collaboration

It's a team thing. Connect and share ideas and information online in a secure workspace and collaborate on projects in a completely paperless way. Of course, online collaboration tools can also help you stay on top of projects that involve people in the same office. Online collaboration is all about having the information and resources you need to run your business at your fingertips - no matter where you are.

3. Cloud computing

Work whenever, wherever. With superfast NBN, you can take advantage of cloud-based business applications that liberate you from the fixed costs of old. The 'cloud' refers to the internet - and cloud computing refers to moving computer applications online. With no upfront software costs, you can say goodbye to costly IT investments and simply pay on a per user basis. This also helps you sidestep lengthy deployment schedules as well as costly upgrade cycles.

Run your entire business communications in the cloud by tapping into the new wave of connected applications such as:

  • Sales tools
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Payroll and HR software
  • Project management and collaboration tools

4. Fibre phones and VOIP (that is, voice calling over the internet)

With superfast NBN, you can connect more handsets to the one NBN service for more simultaneous voice calls.
Fibre phone calling can work with any phone you're currently using. You get all the traditional features of landline calling with VOIP cost savings and features.

The NBN is here. It's time to let your business fly.

Excited about how NBN communications can enhance your business? Check if NBN is available in your area using our handy address checker.