I'm renting. How do I get NBN?

I’m renting. How do I get NBN?

We were once a nation of homeowners but now we are becoming a nation of renters, with over 30% of Aussies renting properties.

If you are a tenant, it’s tricky to work out what’s required to get services like the NBN connected to the property. There are a few things that you need to know before you switch to NBN.

How do I get connected to NBN?

First step is letting your landlord know that you want the NBN. A technician will need to come out to install equipment inside and outside the property, so you may have to be present on the day. Ensure you also give your landlord all the necessary information including the date and time. Remember rescheduling an appointment will lead to longer wait times.

Will my landlord be charged?

Currently NBN Co doesn’t charge for a standard install of its equipment (both inside and outside your home). With Optus NBN there’s a free self-install option for equipment, (such as a modem) that you’ll need in order to connect to NBN. Any other costs associated outside of the line install will be your responsibility.

I have permission from my landlord, so what’s next?

You’ll need to check whether NBN is available in your area and at your address.

You can contact Optus either by phone, online or by visiting one of our stores and we can help you arrange your equipment installation for an NBN plan offered by Optus. Once NBN Co has connected your home, we can either send you a self-install kit for your modem or you can request an Optus technician to install it for you - however tenants will be charged a fee for a tech callout.

I’ve heard something about copper being switched off. Does that mean I have to switch?

As soon as NBN fibre reaches your area, you will need to sign up to NBN before the current copper network is switched off. If you don’t, you will no longer have access to fixed landline phones or internet services.

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