Best ways to manage your email inbox

Manage your email inbox

We often feel like we spend a better part of our working day trying to get through a sea of email correspondence which can at times be overwhelming.

With a few very simple organisational tricks and your Optus nbn connection, you can get on top of those inboxes and become more efficient with email.

Delete clutter

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of going through any unnecessary mail and deleting them, without opening. Remember clicking delete doesn’t necessarily wipe out emails immediately. You may realise later in the afternoon that you needed a message so as long as you haven’t emptied your bin, you can still retrieve it.

Keep your emails short

Be mindful of you tone when you are writing emails. Try to be clear and minimise as much text as you can. There will be times where you may need to be extremely detailed and create a paper trail; but ensure you are clear, concise and straightforward.

It’s easier to follow if you use number points or bulleted lists in lengthier emails. It makes it easier for people to follow – and to respond if desired.

Utilise the subject field

Often overlooked however the subject field is an important part of an email. It attracts the right level of attention to the email and makes it easier to sort or find.

Get organised

It’s so easy for your inbox to get swamped and for critical emails to get lost. Try a spring clean and create sub-folders for each sender under their name. Then set rules so that their emails go directly to their own folder. This stops you from having to dig around and mail can always be found quickly.

Respond quickly

There’s no real rule when it comes to email and responses. It’s always ideal however to respond to messages within three working days or less. Take any longer and it will signal to the recipient that it’s low priority.

Click unsubscribe from mailing lists

The key to managing your inbox is to cut down on the number of emails filling your inbox. Ensure you unsubscribe from any news alerts or mailing lists you no longer have an interest in to avoid unnecessary spam.


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