NBN: A new world of online gaming

We talked to Rob, a Sydneysider and self-confessed gamer, about what it's like to play online games when connected to NBN. And he told us "there's nothing like it" when it comes to NBN internet speed and seamlessly versing gamers all around the world.

So much gaming, superfast

The next generation of gaming has arrived. From virtual reality to motion control, the latest innovations in gaming technology were showcased at E3 2015. So we've got the next-level superfast internet to get you gaming at light speed.

The superfast internet speed that Rob enjoys by being connected to NBN allows him to play online seamlessly, with no worries about lagging or slow updates. After having experienced a top speed of 7.5 Mbps when he was hooked up to ADSL2+, Rob was over the moon when he jumped onto NBN and started hitting faster speeds. In his words, "It's just leagues ahead or ADSL2+ in terms of internet speed."

Your very own gaming hub

A gaming hub of your own creation can be surging to your console through the NBN fibre-optic cables. Rob's home has been transformed into his very own gaming hub thanks to the fast download speeds of NBN. This makes getting the latest games easy, quick and simple - he doesn't even need to leave the couch!

The days of going out and waiting in line to buy the newest release are over for Rob. He told us, "I no longer go to stores to buy video games. If there's the latest video game that's come out, instead of going out of my way on the way home, I just open up the store on my console, hit purchase and in the time it takes me to cook dinner I have one of the latest games downloaded and ready to go."

You can go beyond gaming with NBN

Your gaming console can be so much more with NBN. Rob uses his favourite console for things like streaming Netflix and browsing online, all through his TV. He told us, "NBN is perfect for gamers and anyone that likes to stream movies and TV shows because from one console you can have access to everything instantly." Rob said one of the best things about NBN is that it delivers what you want at mind-blowing speeds - he can download seasons of his favourite shows in "minutes, it's just a dream." #dreamscometrue

Have three or four updates for your games and dreading the wait time? Well, according to Rob, getting updates via NBN internet couldn't be faster. "With the NBN waiting for updates isn't even a problem. You can just go make a coffee and it will be ready when you come back." Now that sounds like superfast success.

Don't limit your game time

What's worse than slow internet when you're trying to win a battle? Running out of download data. The unlimited data included in Rob's plan means that he doesn't have to worry about getting carried away when it comes to trying out new games or downloading updates. He has access to them on the superfast NBN network at the click of a button. So if he stumbles upon an addicting game, the only thing he has to worry about is getting to the next level.

And you're less likely to have to worry about slow internet speed when friends come around for a gaming night. There's less need to limit internet users at your place because NBN has been designed to deal with multiple users while still maintaining a superfast, reliable connection - especially when you add on one of our NBN Speed Packs.