National Broadband Network Update September 2016

It can seem difficult to keep track of the progress of Australia's new national broadband infrastructure. With a seemingly insurmountable task at hand, nbn™ is constantly planning, commencing, continuing and completing construction across many different communities in Australia.

Despite this, reports from nbn™ suggest that the nation is well on its way of hitting the target of having eight million premises connected by 2020.*

This primary goal aims to connect Australia and close the digital divide through five strategic imperatives. They are:

  • Build a united partnership
  • Build affordable products and services
  • Build a high performance and reliable network
  • Build processes and systems
  • Make nbn™ a great place to work.

So how is Australia's national broadband network tracking towards these strategic imperatives as of the publishing of Half Year Results 2016? Let's take a look.

High Performing And Reliable Network

nbn™’s half year results reported achievements across all kinds of connection technologies.

Fibre to the Premises recorded more than 1.1 million premises now ready for service, recording more than 10,000 activations each week in December 2015. Fixed Wireless saw 50% of footprint complete with a recorded product satisfaction rating of 8.1/10.

NBN Process And Systems

An important part of the rollout process involves the accuracy of the process and systems responsible for delivering a satisfactory service. The Ready for Service (RFS) accuracy level was recorded at above 85%, four months out from delivery.

Working At NBN

nbn™ reports having a companywide culture program focusing on leadership capability. The voluntary turnover is almost half the global industry standard.

From this report it appears that nbn™ is on track to hit its goal of eight million homes connected by 2020. For more information about this nbn™ update you can download the Half Year Results 2016 Presentation or sign up to receive Optus NBN updates.