Music streaming on the nbn?

Music streaming is now one of the best ways to listen to an array of tunes. You can not only stream new music on Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify, using your Optus nbn™ WiFi connection.

With a variety of services to choose from, it can be hard to pick one. Here's some basic info if your just starting to stream music.


Spotify gives you access to a catalogue of over 20 million tracks. You can stumble on new music, find your fave tunes and discover playlists like our very own here at Optus.


Listening to Spotify via your Optus nbn™ connection on the web or via your desktop is free. They also have a Premium service that sets you back about AU$11.99 per month without ads.

Discover new music

A great way to discover what are the most shared, trending tracks around the globe is with Spotify's Viral 50. We hand-picked a few standouts from this week's chart.

Glorious – Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey

From his first solo album in 12 years, it's hard not to get sucked into hitting replay on the uplifting, gospel-flavoured anthem. Especially with its upbeat piano chords, powerful backing vocals and Grey's sweet hook.

Feels – Calvin Harris featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean.

A very funky reggae vibe but almost feels like you'd expect Nile Rodgers to be strumming the guitar riff in the background. Fans have speculated that this is a diss track towards ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, as Katy Perry is featured.

Quédate Conmigo - Chyno Miranda featuring Wisin and Gente De Zona.

It's no surprise after the worldwide success of Latin-pop hit 'Despacito' that this tune would follow. It's ridiculously addictive and will get you swaying your hips faster than you can say 'Wilmer Valderrama' in no time.

Out of Love – INDIIA featuring Whitney Phillips

They're a new Swedish electro-pop duo, making waves with their debt single which has a real summery, uplifting feel. Catchy, infectious and super sweet, it will get stuck in your head pretty quickly.

Google Play Music

You can listen to playlists based on based on songs, artists or albums. You can also browse by genre, mood, activity and decade. Google Play Music also allows you to curate your own playlists by uploading up to 50,000 of your own songs. Best part? Not only can users can purchase, stream or upload tunes but there's an offline playback feature.


Google Play Music is free to use without a subscription via your Optus nbn™ connection, but you will have to listen to ads. Alternatively you can pay the $11.99 a month premium fee for ad free streaming enabling you to listen to songs on demand and create personal playlists.

Discover new music

There are a handful of great features but there are two that stand out.

Sound Search can help you work out the name and artist of a song playing nearby. Once you've installed the Sound Search app, it will sync with your Google Play Music account, so that you can buy or save the tune for later.

You can also find out all the latest New Releases and even filter albums and tunes down to genres.

iHeart Radio

The iHeartRadio app gives you access to not only over 1,500 live radio stations but music, news, podcasts and more. It allows you to switch between live radio stations and your own customised radio stations.


iHeartRadio is currently free to download and use.

Discover new music

With the iHeartRadio app you are not only able to listen to your favourite music; you can also tune into live radio stations. It also allows you to check out live events and a stack of digital entertainment.

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