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Want to download TV shows in minutes not hours? Get the latest games in a click? Watch YouTube videos without the wait? We talked to Rob who lives in Sydney about how he enjoys endless entertainment online with NBN.

Downloading in your downtime with NBN

When we asked Rob what he loved about NBN, he said the internet speed for downloading was "simply amazing." And that makes it so much easier for Rob to enjoy his favourite entertainment. From entire seasons of TV shows to tutorials on YouTube, Rob no longer has to worry about his internet speed letting him down when it comes to downloading and streaming.

And better yet, Rob doesn't even have to be at home to enjoy the entertainment that NBN can deliver at superfast speeds. "If I have some downtime at work, I can login to my computer at home remotely, download the latest episode of something I'll want to see later."

Whether Rob's watching movies or buying the latest action-packed games online through his gaming console, he said he "wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for NBN." #NBNentertainment

Get gaming with NBN

Entertainment doesn't stop at Netflix for Rob. With NBN, Rob can access all the entertainment he wants - from the one console! As for instant access to movies and online streaming services - that's just the beginning of what Rob's entertainment hub can offer him.

Rob loves how NBN has transformed his favourite console into a fully-stocked gaming hub. He simply has to open the store on his console, select the game he wants to download and it's there, ready to play, in minutes rather than hours. And along with avoiding the hard-copy hassle, Rob can instantly download updates for his games, meaning he can get back into the gaming zone even faster. "You can just go make a coffee and it will be ready when you come back."

The key to opening your entertainment hub

When you're connected to NBN, you can access a whole world of entertainment. Rob feels the NBN speed difference while he's watching videos on YouTube and streaming videos online. In his words, "buffering is almost a thing of the past. You are less likely to have to wait for things to load anymore - most of the time it's just there straight away."

Rob has not only set up his only home as an entertainment hub with NBN, but also created one for his parents from the comfort of his own home. He told us - "I recently set up for my parents a home theatre PC, which lets them basically take an entire hard drive of movies and play them through their TV. My parents are a bit technologically challenged and so instead of me having to go over to their house, I can have a remote meeting with my parents and show them how to manage the technology instead of having to drive all the way and show them in person."

It's just another way that NBN can deliver all your entertainment needs without the wait.