Keep in touch with friends and family thanks to NBN

At Optus, we know it's important to touch base with your family and friends, wherever they are in the world. And that's another thing we love about NBN - how it can connect you to the things you treasure in life. We talked to Rob, a 28-year old motion graphics artist from Sydney, about how we uses NBN to stay up-to-date with his family and friends.

We are (entertainment) family

Rob's parents, like Rob, love being able to watch seasons of their favourite TV shows and movies at the drop of a hat. But they admit they're a little out of touch with the latest technology. NBN helps Rob stay connected with his family, and give his parents a helping hand when it comes to taking advantage of new technology.

As they live far away from him, Rob decided to use his superfast NBN internet to set up an entertainment hub at his parent's place through their home PC. By using free software, Rob remotely logged on to his parent's computer and told us he "created an entire hard drive of home movies and other multimedia to access and play through their TV."

But what if any tech problems pop up? NBN helps to cut the distance so Rob can give his parents some advice or even show them directly on the screen whenever they need it, so they can get back to non-stop entertainment. Rob has no trouble "teaching them how to do things and starting a Skype call," so he can actually show them how things work. Plus the superfast upload speed of NBN means that Rob can interact with his parent's computer instantly, with less worrying about pesky lagging.

Sharing stories and staying in touch with tech made easy

Growing along with superfast internet are the possibilities of technology to help your family stay in touch with the latest tech. And we're not just talking about the younger members of the family!

Along with setting up a home entertainment hub for his parents, Rob can share images and other multimedia collections with a free entertainment sharing service. Through it Rob can set up a network of devices and recommend shows for his parents or friends to watch, and show them some snaps from his latest holiday. With everything that's on your server accessible at the click of a button, it's never been so easy to keep your friends and family in the loop.

Talk is cheap with our NBN bundles

The art of conversation is far from dead. While superfast NBN is great for connecting you to your friends and family through emails and social media, our value-packed NBN bundles can also get you talking, cheap. All of our bundles include unlimited standard local and national calls, and if you select our Big Bundle (minimum total cost over 24 months is $2405 including $125 start-up fee) or Ultimate Bundle (minimum total cost over 24 months is $2760 including $0 start-up fee) you'll also receive unlimited standard national calls to mobiles plus unlimited standard international calls to selected countries.

So no matter where your family and friends are, with NBN we can help it feel like they're not so far away.