How to build your smart home

You've discovered how the NBN and a connected home can simplify your life, now find out some tips on how to build your smart home using the latest technology.

Make sure you have WiFi connectivity

To ensure all your devices can sync and 'talk to each other', ensure your Optus nbn™ WiFi signal is solid all over your home. Remember the further away your devices are from each other, the slower your internet speed will be. A router or WiFi extender can be used if you find your signal isn't strong.

Renting? Check the strata by-laws in your state

It's always best to run any modifications to your apartment by strata or body corporate. Your building manager may also be able to offer advice any restrictions on installations. It's always best to be safe rather than sorry.

What will make your life easier? Create a plan

When you are working on your smart home system, you should plan what devices you'd like to include and what you want to automate. Do want to be able to use your smartphone or tablet to control all your devices? Is it a simple setup that includes your home entertainment system, or are you including lighting and security too?

Chat to your installer to get an idea of costs and what features they recommend to suit your lifestyle needs.

Buy the right gadgets that simply your life

Before you invest in an array of products, do you actually need them? These days quite a few products have Bluetooth technology integrated into their systems. This means that if you are installing a smart home system, you may be able to simply sync the device rather than buying new products.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our five must have smart home gadgets for your nbn™ connected home.

Leave it to the professionals

When there's minor modifications there's no harm in a little DIY. When there's rewiring or laying down new cables, it's best to call in a tradie. Remember installs and major electrical work must be carried out by licensed electricians. It is an offense in certain states to carry out electrical wiring work without a license or certificate. Heavy fines apply and you could risk electrocuting yourself and others.

Take steps to keep your smart home from getting hacked

According to the Australian Government's Stay Smart Online program, you should be updating the software and operating systems on all your devices. It's one of the most effective ways to protect against ransomware and other cyber nasties.

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